Trashing Trad

Michaelia to the Rescue

Really enjoyed watching that dickhead Keysar Trad (President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils) working up a sweat, trying to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes on the Bolt Report last night. Ultimately failing to whitewash the Koranic injunction that says “feel free to beat up your wife any time you like”, it was highly entertaining.  Trad pulled out every non-existent caveat from the air that he could think of, flaying hopelessly about, doing his best to defend the indefensible, while Bolt politely pressed the question home.

Unfortunately, Bolt was far too polite, preferring, for example, to refer to Trad using the traditional Aussie label ‘mate’ instead of the more accurate Aussie label (in matters Islamic), ‘lying piece of shit‘.  Admittedly, it says a lot for Bolt’s skill as a host (and probably for my complete lack of the same), no doubt wanting this mendacious little prick back on the show again in the future.

That dear, dear, sweet and normally very shy and extremely demure attack-dog Michaelia Cash went on the screaming warpath against Trad today, completely and totally blowing him out of the water, all but making up for Andrew’s timidity. Trad’s ears must still be ringing, which must be good.

I’m quite disappointed, though, that the very lovely Michaelia fell short of simultaneously attacking Trad’s equally vile source and its equally vile Aussie fan-club, of which Trad is its current president. But it’s a start.

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