Santilla Chingaipe – Searching For Her White Roots


Santilla Chingaipe
(Mr. ‘White’ Must be Out There Somewhere)

The world is holding its breath in anticipation of what promises to be a racey episode of Face Up To Racism Week, ‘Date My Race.’ In what’s billed to be an emotional roller-coaster, will Zambia-born Santilla Chingaipe discover that it’s not because she’s downright ugly but because of racism that she can’t get an online date?  Whatever the explanation (and we can already guess what SBS’s will be) my extensive research (five seconds on Google) has come up with other possibilities in advance.

Firstly, perhaps it’s Santilla’s eminent qualifications, such as being a writer, filmmaker, producer and fluent in five different languages that scares men away? It’s true that a lot of men are turned-off by a female smarty-pants, even if she does happen to be quite a babe.

Secondly, perhaps it’s because she’s an award-winning SBS journalist for SBS (i.e., a dirty, filthy, low-down Lefty) that makes sensible people not want to root her, er, I mean, want to steer clear of her? Maybe. But to a Greenie, the opposite might be the case. As with Zane Young hooking up with Sarah, finding someone similarly unhinged might have been a mitigating factor, even if she wasn’t a babe. (That is, at least until the divorce in 2011 it was.)

Or is it because Santilla Chingaipe really is, in fact, an un-babe?
I’m pretty certain ugliness (were it a factor, and I’m not saying it is) would have been immediately discounted by the SBS commissars (evidence to the contrary, or not) – because it doesn’t suit their narrative that it can only be racism that prevents their pet blacks from being able to get their rocks off with every available whitey at every opportunity they can. Or am I wrong?

Can’t wait until Monday to find out!

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4 Responses to Santilla Chingaipe – Searching For Her White Roots

  1. Christine says:

    “Ugly” is such a strong word for a pseudo-journalist. Haaha who hurt you sweety??
    Life is too short, there is no need to be mad at her because she has the career you wanted.So sad yet hilarious. You are one funny blogger. Go pay your bills.


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