At One With Allah

 rmYes, it’s me again.

In its efforts to stymie all opposition to their plans for a world-wide caliphate by shutting down any form of dissent, the 56-member state OIC (Organisation for Islamic Cooperation) in 2007 launched the Islamophobia Observatory. Vital to its efforts, without which the caliphate cannot possibly succeed, is convincing useful-idiots in the infidel world to swallow their big lie: that criticism of Islam constitutes a “contemporary form of racism.” Criticism – “Islamophobia” – thus, should be criminalised.

Last night, SBS’s Grand Inquisitors launched their FaceUp2 Racism Week. In the process this, the latest witch-hunt designed to root out, shame and destroy all who dare deviate from the official multicultural party line, confirmed just how much SBS is in cahoots with their Islamist OIC masters. By making no distinction in the entire program between the two types of hatred (one for a difference in skin colour, the other for a murderous ideology that wants to destroy us) SBS was proclaiming how much they too are are willing to swallow the OIC lie, and are at one with Allah.

Likewise, Ray Martin again showed just how much of an extremely useful idiot he is to both SBS and its OIC overlords by going along with it all, voicing his genuine concern that “Islamophobia” has grown so much since 9/11. No hint that the slaughter which has continued virtually unabated ever since might account for some of it. And of course no mention of the hateful, poisonous ideology and endless grievances – ingrained since birth – that governs most Muslims’ everyday thought patterns; a growing awareness of which has made an exponential number of infidels come to their senses and recognise a crock when they see one.

Though not Martin, apparently.
In his capacity as SBS’s most favoured idiot (both useful and village) a hatred for Islam can only be attributed to racism – and it “needs to be fixed.”

In support of Sunday’s charade SBS contrived a number of racist- and Islamophobe-baiting scenarios, attempting to shame viewers that happened to tune into this shite into feeling guilty. The most entertaining of these being when some seemingly half-inebriated deadbeat on the street accosted a woman in a niqab by repeatedly screaming at her, ”Where’s your f***ing face??!!”

Can’t wait until the next instalment.

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