Date My Race

Santilla Chingaipe with gay,
Asian, white-supremacist, Alexander, on Date My Race

At the end of SBS’s Date My Race program, the precise answer to whether Santilla’s inablity to get an online date with another guy because of racism or because she is just ugly, was left unanswered. Needless to say, as was to be expected, racism was the constant theme of the program with other cast members frequently falling over themselves in abject apology to SBS for possibly sounding racist when voicing their preference for shagging someone from one race group over another.

According to their statistics, a very large number of white men have a fetish for Asian women but unfortunately not, apparently, for poor sex-starved black SBS presenters positively gagging for it. The highlight of the program was when one of the participants, a gay Asian guy with what, incidentally, would have been described by many just a few years ago (but not by me) as having a particularly poofy way about him, had the audacity to state his belief that whites are the superior race. Santilla was appalled, but good-naturedly so, as she was throughout the program, much to her credit.

Then the program’s credibility took a dive.
In a blind online match-making experiment, a white guy who grew up in a predominantly white community (Mornington) and who has never dated and never wanted to date outside his race, ended up very conveniently being matched with a liberal muslim woman (probably of Indian descent). ‘Conveniently,’ as it helped push one of the program’s hidden agendas, which was to encourage racist white Australians to overcome their prejudices and welcome muzzies to our golden shores at least for their shag-ability, if for nothing else.

Overall, Date My Race’s conclusion seemed to be that, “if a strapping white Aussie from Mornington can overcome his prejudices and hit on a hot, Indian muzzie sheila, and (on the other side of the coin) a weasily Egyptian-born muzzie can put aside his principles so as to get his rocks off with a gorgeous white-skinned Aussie sheila before winning his Logie, doesn’t that in the end make Australia so much a better place?”
Or have I got it wrong again?

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It's just satire, really.
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