Senate Charade

Ahmed Fahour

Watching the senate hearings yesterday reminded me of quite an exciting chapter in Robert Hughes’ Barcelona – the one detailing the effective use (up to 1975) of the garrotte against Anarcho-Leftists and others with similarly deranged political tendencies.

The spectacle of Greens’ Doctor Richard Di Natale, with his unctuous, sanctimonious, anti-Hansonite questioning of Australia Post’s filthy-rich out-going head-honcho, Ahmed Fahour, was enough in itself enough to justify the garrotte’s come-back, IMHO. (For a trial period at least.) And Fahour’s aggrieved, “I’m a loyal Aussie” response to Natale’s question: a sickening display of victim-hood that almost forced the gallery to be evacuated because of the ensuing vomit, making me want to reach for my own trusty garrotte. Always by my sid and coloured green, so there is no mistaking its intended use should I be called on to carry out my patriotic duty.

Sadly, like Barcelona, Australia has long since descended into multicultural barbarism, where such things as yesterday’s disgraceful charade take place on a regular basis with the most appropriate solution (slow death by strangling) now completely denied to us.

A virtually lawless, topsy-turvey wasteland, where a clearly disturbed doctor is paid by the tax-payer to publicly suck up to overpaid (allegedly) reformed jihadists willy-nilly. Where a Muslim only need follow the multi-culti script of proclaiming his love for Australia. using the word ‘bonza’ often and denying being a jihadist in order for him to be eligible to be paid millions of dollars per year more from the public purse for his job than anyone else. And where, incidentally, a presumptuous, rubbish-spouting idiot like David Morrison (spouting more of the same yesterday) is awarded the title of Australian of The Year, instead of being immediately garrotted the very first moment he opened his mouth in public.

Where’s the justice?

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