The Truth About Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Yassmin Abdel-Magied
Mentally-deficient hypocrite? (Yes)

By her own definition of Feminism (based on the Hadiths), Sudanese-born bigot Abdel-Magied is mentally-deficient and eligible to be beaten. That, as well as being black and a Muslim, made her the perfect choice to host SBS’s sanctimonious guilt-trip The Truth About Racism last night which, entirely predictably, proved to be yet another white hate-fest with an entirely predictable leftist agenda. And that was, of course, to get whitey.

From the very outset, the only white guy in the room (Nick) was rounded on, with Magied and the candidates glowering at him after openly freely admitting to having prejudices. Fortunately for Nick, though, a significant deviation from SBS’s whitey-hating focus arose when the Asian chick and a young Asian girl admitted their feelings of superiority. Hallelujah! Much to the disappointment of millions of Lefties, SBS’s program revealed that it is not just whitey’s thing after all.

At its conclusion, declaring that racism can most effectively be overcome by “getting to know” people of different races, the raging Islamist hypocrite Abdel Magied dared not ‘mention the war’ once because it would have blown SBS’s predetermined outcome right out of the water. That is, the civil war, still going on since 2003 in Magied’s own country of origin, Sudan.

There, Arab Muslims first did their best to exterminate all Christians in the country. They then followed that up by trying to exterminate all non-Arab (black) Muslims  – the ones the Arabs had previously “gotten to know.”

It’s obvious that Nick’s views pale into total insignificance when compared to the genocidal crimes of Magied’s feminist-loving, religion of peace brothers in Sudan, for which she is one of their most enthusiastic flag-wavers. Accordingly, The Truth About Racism last night also proved the truth about its presenter: that the mentally-deficient Islamist Magied is a lying hypocrite who is all so happy to be economical with the truth when it comes to attacking Australia for its supposed racism. She is also an utter fraud, as is her religion.

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14 Responses to The Truth About Yassmin Abdel-Magied

  1. PJG says:

    The most outrageous thing is that her family came to Australia during that war in which they were in no danger whatsoever. May Muslims from Sudan’s capital city sneaked into Australia as “refugees” or “persecuted” people in a messy civil war alongside the black people who were indeed under fire. But the most galling thing of all is that those black, persecuted non-Muslims now in Australia blame not the Arab Muslims for their woes, but us white people…all of us…all white people.


    • Austeralix says:

      That’s it in a nutshell. Only thing to add is that it’s the leftist/white-guilt lobby that has validated third-world immigrant victimhood, telling them “white civilisation” is to blame for the chronic states of their own countries and it’s okay not to assimilate because their culture/religion is just as good as anyone else’s … and anyone who says otherwise is a racist. Without this toxic leftist ideology, a lot more immigrants would be extremely thankful for what Oz offers them, knuckle down and get on with assimilation.


      • PJG says:

        I would like to think so. But I wonder. Today I was told by a South Sudanese (over there) that white people should be “chained”; another has said “you will bow before me”. These types – and they are not few – are whipped up by anti-white propaganda in Africa. They believe we have no right to borders, to maintain our cultures, to the fruit of our labour. Even our daughters should be “given” to them. It is not the Western Left persuading them but the Russian universities they have attended or the Communist heroes they adore such as Malcolm X (yes, the Christian Africans love him too) or Castro.

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  2. PJG says:

    (Many… not may)


  3. John Booth says:

    Magied is shameless as a fantasist. Lambie should have walked out after her opening nonsense. She is a grubby opportunist.


  4. Andrew Cook says:

    At the end of the day she is always going to be black and a whinging whining fraud….she will never truly be Australian and nor do we want her and her kind here so the sooner we start ignoring morons and leftard bum lickers like her the better.


    • PJG says:

      She is not “black”…horrors! Where she comes from, many people of her ancestry (part Arab, part African) call black people of southern Sudan “abid” which means simultaneously “black” and “slave”. They forget that their own ancestry includes black slaves and that the black people they call “slaves” were never slaves.


  5. David says:

    Return to the Sudan and preach there


  6. Darnie says:

    Decided not to watch it as I thought the outcome would be as you reported. DIdnt want to waste my time.


  7. Look at Where the Terrorism Is says:

    I have known Yassmin since she was a child and as a white, non-Muslim, I have never experienced anything but intelligent warmth from her. Her only crime is being so deeply Aussified that she knows no other culture. Paul Keating started neoliberalism in the early 90’s and it’s been all downhill from there. Murdoch owns 70% of the Aussie media and has been radicalising the Australian public against Muslims since 9/11. The corporate-funded ALP has been dragged to the Right. Right wing policies have become bipartian and signalled to the Australian public that they must be correct. We have been sold a neatly packaged conspiracy. The group most victimised by ISIS are Muslims and the international community have failed to coordinate the refugees from West bombing the crap out of every other country but Saudi Arabia. “Stop the Boats”. There would have been no people smugglers if the Western countries had all done their job at coordinating refugees. The West have vilified the victims of oppressive Islamic regimes instead of being responsible global citizens providing ISIS victims refuge, by spreading falsehoods about their religion. If you are really serious about terrorism – a vulnerable 25 girl is not the enemy here – ISIS is. If you really want to start getting serious about addressing terrorism, Saudi Arabia is the place to start. Terrorism will dissipate once the Saudis are brought under control. Yassmin is not a terrorist. She’s as Aussie as they come! Attacking her will not do anything to reduce terrorism.


    • PJG says:

      She is not “as Aussie as they come”.. If she were, she would not use her religion, skin colour and “exotic” origins (and her show-off headdress) to patronise and browbeat Australians about sharia and racism. She is as much a danger to our freedom as a “radical” Muslim because she presents comforting lies to try to make Islam look harmless. Surely she has *some* knowledge of the history of her country of birth…*surely*. As for your remark that the group most victimised by ISIS are Muslims, that does nothing to advance your “poor Muslims” line. Islam turns everyone into victims, for Muslims either of sectarian violence or everyday oppression (such as in Sudan) or for non-Muslims either of second-class status (again, such as the Sudan) or of relentless proselytising, including accusations of “Islamophobia” when Islamic expansion and its control-freak nature is opposed. If Yassmin says that Islam is about “justice and equality”, well, anyone can talk about “justice” according to their personal view of it, but “equality”? Why doesn’t she have a chat about Islamic “equality” with some Copts, Ethiopians or Christians from the Nuba Mountains – or just some of those girls from Ah Fad – next time she visits Khartoum?


  8. A Moyes says:

    The only ‘real’ Australians are Aboriginals. The rest of us emigrated here for a variety of reasons. And what a bunch of bigots and racists you are. I’m white English and even I was discriminated against when I emigrated here in 1979. Not for my colour but because I was English!! Bloody Pom!!. Really you lot. Get over it. Keep your rude, ill-informed, bigotted, sexist opinions to yourself.


  9. sean says:

    Moyes please go back to your dreary homeland we don’t need nor want you here,and why has Magied been liasing with Hizbut tahir,such an innocent lass


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