Gay Terrorism Stalks Australia

Sickening Cowards

There’s a new spectre haunting Australia – the spectre of Gay Terrorism.

Whatever you think about the push for Marriage Equality, it’s hard to think of a more sickening sight than the video of the Coopers hostages cravenly grovelling to their Gay Gestapo captors on TV. This is was Australia’s first home-grown hostage video, and it wasn’t pretty. (Surprisingly, there wasn’t a muslim in sight.)

How different was this video different from an Al-Qaeda or ISIS video?
The only things missing were the orange jump suits and the summary beheadings. Otherwise, the rest of it was all there. Ashen-faced, the dread and abject fear in the Coopers’ cowardly, tiny little piss-hole eyes was more than palpable: they reeked of it.  You could almost smell the stench of it through the TV as they hysterically babbled their way through their scripted apology and nervously rattled off all the things they were going to do to right their “blasphemy”.

The capitulation was total, as it was despicable. A more immediate and more cowardly surrender to terrorists’ demand would be hard to find. let alone one performed by Australians. The Coopers’ submission was in fact so disgusting to view, and so un-Australian, that it was hard to believe, let alone watch.

What should now be clear to everyone, if it wasn’t beforehand, is that Gay terrorism has now gained primacy in Australia. It is mainstream and is dictating to us its terms of unconditional surrender: support Gay Marriage or we’ll bankrupt you.

With Islamic Terrorism, it’s the threat of decapitation if you publicly deviate one iota from their ideology. With Gay Terrorism, it’s the  fear of financial ruin if you publicly deviate one iota from their marriage-equality ideology. There’s little difference between the two ideologies. They both want to impose their minority views over the majority, and that makes one just as totalitarian as the other.

The Coopers video is proof positive of the quasi-Orwellian state that now rules the Australia “we still call home”. And it really sucks.

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