Bandt Again

Adam Bandt
(Green economic vandal?)

Always being open-minded about these matters, I really don’t care where consenting adult Aussies decide to stick their naughty bits at any particular time, so long as they do it at home and out of my sight. Oh yes: and so long as no animals or trees are harmed during the proceedings, (which, due to Greenies commonly hitting on one of the latter, may not always be guaranteed.)

However, it is hard to avoid personally attacking some of the more freakier and more demented in this brave but sick new rainbow world of ours, when one of them insists on regularly going public with ‘his’ freak-fest-generated fantasies and delusions after getting voted in by his (apparently) equally-freakish, equally-demented and equally-deluded electorate. So, for this article, the gloves are off (as readers may have noted by the previous sentence.)

I’m speaking now, of course, of the Melbourne Soviet’s head commie and prominent Green lunatic, Adam Bandt, who yesterday put aside his ridiculous gender-fluidity hysteria for a moment to spout equally-ridiculous climate-change hysteria about Cyclone Debbie. The idea that the construction of a new coal-fired power station would threaten the lives of Queenslanders by generating more cyclones additionally shows how infantile Bandt is, and just how stupid he presumes the public to be. Further, taking the occasion of impending danger to tens of thousands of Queenslanders as an opportunity to score a point was nothing short of cheap. (Contributing to Australia’s energy shortage by pushing for the Hazlewood closure also makes Bandt an economic criminal, but that’s another story.)

Therefore, many of my readers would rightly agree with me that, on the available evidence, Adam Bandt is a cheap, presumptuous, opportunistic and rather shitty little pervert (but not necessarily in that order), with criminal tendencies, who clearly has no place in a civilised society. That is unless, of course, Australian civil society is controlled by a ruthless regime of Stasi-like political-thought police ready to arrest you at the drop of a hat for merely farting in their general direction*. In which case, it might be wiser instead for me to drag out a somewhat passé, but still rather useful Aussie term of endearment, and merely dismiss Adam Bandt as a f**king little poofta and leave it at that.


*Which many of us in secret (I’m certain) often do.


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2 Responses to Bandt Again

  1. John Winter says:

    Couldn’t agree more. He and his mates/friends are a waste of oxygen.


  2. Noel brindle says:

    Well written. Agree with it all. Greens are nothing but a lot of despicable hypocrites who care fo nobody it is all the crackpot ideolagy.


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