White Queen Utter Absurdity: Makes Perfect Sense

Alice in Australia-land

In ‘Through The Looking Glass’ the White Queen tells Alice that she sometimes ‘believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’ If Alice were to go down a nearby rabbit hole and take a glance at the topsy-turvy wonderland that is modern Australia, she would find impossible things happening before breakfast are now a dime a dozen.

On Wednesday another impossible thing happened.
The advocacy group Liberty Victoria (formerly the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties) declared Gillian Triggs – an entirely washed-up, fool of a woman – the 2017 winner of the Voltaire Award for advocating free speech. Voltaire of course is the one who didn’t say, “I disagree with what you say and so I intend to totally crush you for daring to open your mouth,” but quite the opposite. Voltaire, in the vanguard of The Enlightenment, was the very antithesis of the despicable Triggs.

After millions of rational Australians paused to raise their shattered jaws which have crashed to the floor in disbelief, the question arose: how can this possibly be? How can Liberty Victoria (LV) possibly think that this psychotic and self-evidently idiotic White Queen, constantly running around screeching “Off with their heads!” to everyone who dares defy her Marxist speech codes, should be elevated to occupy the same pedestal as Voltaire? Sadly, everything in Australia, it seems, is not becoming ‘curiouser and curiouser’, but ‘idioticer and idioticer.’

To be fair, it’s entirely feasible to think that LV might have got the inspiration for their idiocy not from Through The Looking Glass but from Caligula, who 2,000 years ago decided to elect his own horse to the Roman senate. LV (themselves similarly mad) might well have concluded that awarding the Voltaire award to a complete horse’s arse – who herself has the additional qualification of being, like Caligula, entirely deranged – would be following the same sort of reasoning. Which was none. Both acts were just as ridiculous, and both involved a great horse’s arse somewhere in the story.

Either way, it all comes together quite nicely.
In Australia’s own Alice in Wonderland world, totally awash with leftist absurdity, Liberty Victoria elevating and equating this hideous White Queen and her despicable Stalinist ideology to that of Voltaire really does make perfect sense.

For that reason, the sooner someone ‘offs’ with the White Queen’s head the better. Because unless you’re own head’s been popped as full of the same hallucinating drugs as was Charles Dodgson’s, there is no place in an enlightened Australia for either the despicable Triggs or for the imbeciles in Liberty Victoria who see fit to promote her.

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