More Than Sour Grapes?

Gerard Henderson’s assertion on The Bolt Report that Waleed Aly’s New York Times’ public denunciation of Australia’s security policies was an “unhinged tirade” is just his theory. More likely, it was  Aly voicing his frustration with the Turnbull Government for completely ignoring everything he has to say about the matter. Outrage, too, that the faux Aussie credentials Aly regularly flouts (a Gold Logie and scoring a hot, white-chick for a wife) have made no difference, and the anti-terrorism bullshit “expertise” on his CV continues to be recognised for the complete and utter bullshit that it is: i.e., complete and utter bullshit.

And wasn’t there more than a whiff of sour-grapes there in the NYT article, too?
No, not sour-grapes – humiliation. The humiliation that, in spite of his bullshit expertise being totally ignored by the Security Services, mass-casualty attacks on the Australian homeland have been still successfully thwarted?

It would be normal for anyone to feel humiliation – despair, even – under these circumstances. Yes, it really can be tough knowing your advice was either automatically dismissed out of hand because it was completely worthless, or because it was known to originate from a well-known, lying, dissembling and transparently fraudulent little huckster with faux dinky-di Aussie and anti-terrorism credentials – and that it has been treated accordingly. That is, what he has to say dismissed out of hand for either reason. But I can only guess which one. Most likely, both.

And there is another theory. Perhaps Aly’s NYT article was just his way of  expressing his frustration at the Security Services’ continuing successes in spite of his best efforts, period.  But it’s just a theory. (Not mine: I deny it completely.)

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