Reconciliation Rubbish

Noel Pearson wannabee

Stan Grant’s ridiculous assertion that Cook didn’t discover Australia has had its predictable effect. Inspired by their psychotic counterparts in the US, the Australian Left’s rabid dogs of war have all been rearing, champing and slathering at their bits, waiting for a signal – any signal – to wreak their havoc on the domestic front.

Grant’s pontificating article, under the pretense of ‘reconciliation’, attacking the inscription along with the other ‘monuments of hate,’ was that signal. The vandalism that he’s helped unleash is just the beginning.

It’s abundantly clear that the odious Grant had decided that the American Left generally had a point, and it must be the monuments and White colonial names which were at fault for the sorry state of indigenous affairs. That these, the visible reminders in Australia of people such as Cook or Phillip, are the real root cause, for example, of the physical and sexual abuse presently rife in so many indigenous communities. And so, on top of decades of 100’s of billions of dollars of federal funding, all vestiges of colonial settlement must go.

That is, everything else having failed, re-writing colonial history and/or removing any visible traces of it, according to this arrogant, pseudo-intellectual, Noel Pearson-wanabee (he’s not a patch on him), must be the solution.

But wait: there’s more!
To justify the exorbitant tax-payer funded salary he’s drawing in the service of the ABC’s vile, cultural-Marxist propaganda machine, there’s much more work in the name of ‘reconciliation’ for a pretentious prick like Grant to do.

How about researching and drawing up a hit-list of the monuments, cities and streets bearing the same names of those families (related or not) who allegedly participated in massacres? And what about those involved in the Stolen Generation so-called “genocide”? All surviving evidence and the vermin, along with their descendants who supported this obscenity, needs to be ruthlessly hunted down and held to account. And, following a cue from Stalin, anyone related to or known to have associated with these criminals in the past need to be also exterminated.

And, after rounding up and having shot everyone (plus their descendants) who think you sucked as an SBS news-reader, that should just about take care of Whitey I would say, wouldn’t you Stan? Then, and only then, Australia would finally have reconciliation Stan-Grant-style (which we know is just code for vengeance) wouldn’t we?

Of course, if you think you’ve left someone out of your hate-filled ‘reconciliation’ vendetta, Stan, you can always give that equally-poisonous Race Commissioner Tim Il Sung a call. I’m sure he’d be all too willing to help you drum up more white genocide business if you happen to run out of ideas.

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3 Responses to Reconciliation Rubbish

  1. Simona09 says:

    Those who suck a Taxpayers Salary have the biggest Gob , they know if they complain they get compensation , and the more they complain the more money they can get , Sponger and Sucker are born every minute of every day in life , and we the little man pay for them ,


  2. Bob Waterhouse says:

    Stan, I believe your claim to being the First People’s of this Great South Land is unfounded ,as it appears that they committed Genocide of the ” First People’s ” namely those who are now known as the “Bradshaws” in the Kimberley and Northern Australia. Their ancient art is totally different to the current form which has been graffitied over by your tribal art. So under this guise how can you claim to be the first people’s??? and ” you ” were then invaded by the British. Maybe this ancient civilisation were descendent of the Hobbits of the current Indonesian Islands. This is all. ” Assumed” as there is no one to verify or written history to counter it.!!!!


  3. Brian Raffa says:

    Bob Water house I full heartedy agree with you .learned some of this stuff at school and read a lot about it in the 1960s. The problem is our history is, being sanitized by the socialist left.


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