What Lies Beneath 2



Captain Mona Shindy

The Freedom of Information Act is a wonderful thing, allowing, amongst other things, investigative reporters to reveal what our leaders have been really saying to each other in private, while they pretend otherwise.

Cutting to the chase, the FOI could very well shed some light on the subject of, say, any Islamist subversives our defence chiefs have stupidly appointed to their ranks in the pursuit of ‘inclusivity and diversity,’, when they’d much prefer everyone not to know.

At the height of the Captain Mona Shindy naval scandal in 2015 (see post ‘What Lies Beneath‘, 12/4/16), seventeen “frank” texts were exchanged between the Chief of the Australian Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin and the Navy’s Vice-Admiral Ray Griggs. The Australian newspaper, a crusading giant in the fight against creeping Islamification and PC culture gone berserk, is pushing to get these texts published. That is, The Australian is trying to determine, when the shit hit the fan (when the perfidious Shindy’s subversion started to become public), precisely what the Defence Chiefs’ were saying to each other.

But of course many of us are hoping for much more than that.
My mother (for one) would like to know if either of the Defence Chief’s in their exchange of texts used the term ‘this f***ing treacherous little Muzzie bitch’ at any stage, without which (she asserts) it would be impossible to have an entirely frank exchange of views.

Personally, I would be keen to see daylight shed on the ADF’s attempt at a whitewash, the desperate measures they took while falling all over themselves to slam closed the doors and roll down the shutters post-haste in order to cover up their perverse, leftist inspired incompetence. Specifically: on how they attempted to conceal the fact that, in the name of their ‘cultural change and improving the quality of the workplace’ idiocy, they were happy to freely appoint (allegedly) sneaky, dirty, rotten, treacherous, low-down, duplicitous, Islamist filth like Shindy (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) to key roles in our defense forces.

Additionally, we need to why the ADF were able to close ranks and protect this seditious woman, instead of having her immediately hung, drawn and quartered as any reasonable, clear-thinking, true-blue Aussie would demand.

Whatever, the defence chiefs are forking out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees (using tax-payer money, of course) trying to thwart The Australian’s efforts. Let’s hope they fail miserably.

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