HomoFascism: 2+2 = 5 (Plus A Hidden Crock of Sh*t)



All the signs are there.
The violence, the intimidation, the coercion … the terror. Inspired by the some of the intimidatory methods employed by the Brownshirts, Gestapo and the SS to get Hitler into power and to keep him in power, the Australian Same Sex Fascists (SS) and their Neo-Marxist allies are doing the same in Australia, turning it into a A Gay Terrorist state, and keeping it that way. You only have to read the Tweets of Benjamin Law and look deep into the fearful eyes of the hostages in the Coopers Ale ransom video to know it’s working.

A quasi-Fascist dictatorship, courtesy of the likes of Get-Up, Antifa, The ABC, The Greens and fanatical SS activists like that despicable little turd on legs, Benjamin Law, who “jokingly” threatened to “hate-f**k” MPs intending to vote NO.

This is Australia today. And we seem to be really up shit-creek with this one. (Pun intended.)

How about a brief clarification of my stance on the matter?
Orwellingly-speaking, the YES campaign contends that, against the laws of nature, ‘2+2’ should now equal ‘5’, instead of ‘4’ – and you’re a hateful bigot it you think otherwise.  The truth that marriage is between a man and a woman because they can reproduce the species and is therefore in accordance with nature should be un-truthed (as in George Orwell’s 1984), so that marriage can also be between a same sex couple, who can’t, just so they can feel better about themselves. If this intellectual fraud gets the go ahead, this ruthless dictatorship of SS fanatics running the show will eventually make us believe and conform to anything they want.

Because there’s much more here than the SS just sticking a finger up at a universal law in the (otherwise highly admirable) interests of inclusivity. It’s what the SS and their Neo-Marxist co-debauchees  are disguising – the crock of sh*t (not of gold) hidden inside the rainbow – that really matters.

The small, but shrill clique of SS dictators, in cahoots with their Neo-Marxist fellow co-f**kers, now in defacto charge of Australia are terrorists, full stop. Shouting down, bullying, intimidating, coercing and threatening to destroy reputations, careers and businesses, or  gaol, bankrupt or hate f**k’ all those who oppose the change or who point out the crock that is hidden inside this so-called ‘rainbow’ referendum.

And what a crock it is!
To paraphrase Churchill, it’s a crock of sh*t, wrapped within a fraud, hidden inside a rainbow. No matter the merits of what they are officially selling (the ‘rainbow’) with this out-and-out fraud (2+2 = 5): the hidden ‘crock’ inside, is their end game. If YES wins, no matter how much people like Nick Greiner deny it, this crock is what we’ll eventually get.
And in sh*t-loads.

This hidden crock consists not of gold but of all that debauchery and perversity the SS have long been trying to inveigle into Australian society. If the YES vote gets up, what they’ve been recently trying to shovel down our throats under the radar will quickly flow on naturally from it, eventually being imposed officially, above the radar. Namely (among other things) the fraudulent Safe Schools debauchery, transgender toilets, pan-genderism, ludicrous gender-specific pronouns, the demonisation of heterosexuality and, the eventual end game of the Terra AuSStralis HomoFascists: the destruction of the family unit.

Because of this and only because of this and SS fascist scum like Law, I’m voting NO.

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It's just satire, really.
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