SS Role-Model

Astro Labe

It’s easy to see why that human obscenity, Astro Labe, must be pleased that he was not immediately thrown into gaol for head-butting Tony Abbott. Happy, instead, that he is temporarily free to continue to pollute Hobart’s street with his utter drop-kick presence.

First of all, in Tasmania, the time-honoured, colonial-era, obligatory buggering by a dozen fat and hairy gaolers while awaiting sentencing has long been outlawed. So, no matter how much this hideous turd regretted the passing of the good old days,  he must have known that such a possibility was never on the cards. The prospect of a good mass hate f**king (to use Benjamin Law’s term) in return for Abbott’s head-butting would have been (judging from his freakish appearance) Labe’s idea of heaven, but regrettably, out of the question. And I’m sure that any lefty magistrate would have been compassionate enough to shown him leniency just on these grounds alone.

So, if the possibility of a rigorous buggering while detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure could no longer be entertained (no matter how desirable), why would this disgusting puke-ball want to risk incarceration by assaulting Abbott in public?

My guess is that the SS HomoFascists wanted a role-model who would best signal to Aussie kids the type of deviants they want our children to look up to while they are having the Safe Schools agenda shoved down their throats. What better example of a disgusting, filthy-looking pervert as a role-model than Labe? Slap a SS label on him and get him to go out and head-butt Abbott: that should do it.

All that would be left then would be for the leftist legals to contrive a reason to let him loose back on the streets for a few days. Plenty of time for the official SS on the one hand to deny that Labe had anything to do with them. And plenty of time on the other, for the rest of the sickos in their HomoFascist ranks to adulate him as their hero.
Makes perfect sense.


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