Interpol Idiocy

Bob Carr

Interpol’s decision to grant the Palestinian Cult of Death full membership (74 for, 24 against, 34 abstentions) makes perfect sense in an increasingly Islamified world. When you have over 50% membership of the UNHCR being given over to dictatorships such as the execrable Saudi Arabia, why not bring in the extensive expertise of a Middle Eastern death cult to help them with the police work?

Euphemistically named the ‘Palestinian State’ for the purposes of claiming victimhood while murdering every jew it can possibly lay its hands on, the Palestinian Cult of Death offers Interpol a rather unique and extensive skill-set. That is, plane hijackings, murder, knife attacks, the kidnapping and murder of Israeli students, random shootings, bus bombings, the sick indoctrination of their own children from an early age into their murderous ways, etc. All incentivised by rewarding families of subsequent dead ‘martyrs’ with financial compensations of up to $3,000 per month.

This latter ‘Pay to Slay’ wheeze being bank-rolled indirectly through international aid (courtesy of useful-idiot nations like Australia) would undoubtedly have been the icing on the cake for many of Interpol’s European members voting in favour of the Cult of Death’s membership. First world nations endorsing random acts of terrorism would help justify voting to bring this sick bunch of murdering jew-haters on board. Such people are tailor-made to help police the unelected EU elite’s efforts to crush dissent while they Islamify Europe.

Which brings me to the point.
I wonder if people like that great horse’s arse Bob Carr – who  recently switched his support from being a passionate supporter of Israel to backing Palestinian terrorists instead – would applaud Interpol’s latest idiocy? My guess is that, being the opportunistic, pseudo-intellectual, self-serving hypocrite that he is, he would.

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