Las Vegas: The Latest Terrible Distraction

Lydia Shelly
Overly feather-brained? (Yes.)

You can almost hear them high-fiving each other and rubbing their hands in glee, world-wide. The entire twisted bunch of Islamists and their leftist allies will be over the moon today in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre.

Why? With only their pathetic Timothy McVeigh excuse to push for 2 decades, finally Islamist apologists have another non-Muslim mass-murderer, Stephen Paddock, with which to draw attention away from their terrorist ideology. Paddock, they will joyfully point their finger at to exonerate and use to dilute Islam’s own murderous excesses, whenever the accusation is raised.

Since that comedy act Mad Muzzie Maglied high-tailed it to the UK a while back, the denial industry in Australia has only straight-faced Islamist apologists with which to excuse and maintain their ‘terrorism-has-nothing-to-do-with-Islam’ charade. No one as hysterically funny as MMM to keep us all in stitches (with the possible exception of Waleed Aly), they’ve got to try to humour us by some other means.

So step forward self-professed international terrorist and de-radicalisation ‘expert’ Anne Aly, who must be feeling particularly good today. Notorious for raising bogus fears about the threat of ‘right-wing extremism’ while pooh-poohing the 400-odd known jihadists still running around loose on our streets (despite her so-called ‘expertise’), Aly, too, will be rubbing her hands in quiet satisfaction.

Her credibility as a ‘moderate’ destroyed by her recent calls for Section 18C to be extended to include Islamist blasphemy laws, perhaps now, after the Las Vegas slaughter, Aly will feel vindicated. And more emboldened in her mendacity.

Then there’s other Muslim apologists with similar degrees in duplicity, such as that overly feather-brained dunderhead Lydia Shelly.

Like Aly, Shelly also laughably refers to herself as a ‘de-radicalisation expert,’ (which is just a smoke-screen for her down-playing Islamist terrorism while beating up the ‘right-wing extremism threat. Shelly will point to lunatics like Paddock as proof that there are other fanatical homicidal maniacs out there besides those countless numbers she denies are following Allah’s explicit orders.

But only her gullible non-Muslim groupies who attend to her every word, desperate for reassurance in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, eager to swallow any old hokum which matches their lefty-luvvie narrative, will be keen to accept this equivalency.  Anyone else (that is, those with half a brain) would have burst out laughing at hearing such nonsense and subsequently referred Shelly to the nearest mental (or euthanasia) clinic.

Vacuous Islamist apologists like Shelly – just one among many on the Left- sometime make for good entertainment (but not as much as MMM). Out of concern for the welfare for her Australian groupies, though, she should nevertheless quickly bugger off to Europe where, like MMM, she is bound to find a more sympathetic audience, especially in the multiple (and growing) sharia-controlled, no-go areas. The likes of Anne Aly, on the otherhand, should be shot for sedition.

That it’s the occasional mass-murderer like Paddock which represents the real danger to Australia, and not the religion which champions and breeds millions of them every year, is of course an absurdity. Only devoted followers of the Koran, a book which is tantamount to a declaration of war, can possibly pretend otherwise.

One-off, mass-murdering psychopaths like Stephen Paddock will occasionally come and go over time, but the Koran ensures that millions of others intend to be at it, day in and day out, forever and a day.


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2 Responses to Las Vegas: The Latest Terrible Distraction

  1. Doc Smith says:

    Very good comment on the Islamic/loony Left alliance reaction to Las Vegas. Your comment on the mendacious Dr Anne Aly is particularly apt.


    • Austeralix says:

      Thanks for your feedback.Islamic violence is just the visible tip of a very large hidden iceberg that is intent on destroying us from within. One of the aims of my blog is to expose ridiculous (and, I agree, mendacious) closet-Islamists like Aly who like to pretend otherwise.


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