Getting Rid of Grant

Stan Grant
Failed Uprising

Yesterday’s axing of Stan Grant and his late night program The link probably had more to do with his failed attempt to black-wash Australian history, rather than with the ABC’s official line that they are just rearranging their furniture.

Unlike in the US, from where the highly-original thinking (not) Grant stole the idea,  Australia witnessed only a brief flurry of reaction before common-sense took over. As to be expected, much rage, solidarity and whitey-hatred from the ever vacuous (Q&A panellists, Dr Death Di Natale and his Party of Green Fairies, that little shit Shorten, etc.), a few statues defaced – but that was it.

Nothing here that Stan and the ABC was doubtless hoping for, which was to follow the US in its crazed demands to tear down and destroy everything to do with whitey’s past. Instead, the insurrection failed to materialise, and all Grant got for his efforts was a backlash of outrage from the overwhelming majority of Aussies who rightly regard him, his lefty supporters and his perverse attempt to rewrite history as beyond contempt.
Not happy, the ABC.

Perhaps, in his new capacity as the ABC’s Chief Asia Correspondent, the forever-whingeing-about-something Grant might begin to see things differently now. The realisation might dawn on him of how far, far worse an Asian rather than a white ‘invasion’ of Australia would have been for the indigenous population, and start reporting on that instead. But, come to think of it, the ABC wouldn’t be happy about that, either.

So why don’t they just sack him and be done with it?

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5 Responses to Getting Rid of Grant

  1. Shirley Watts says:

    We agree the minute he went down that road he annoyed us as we feel black white we are all Australians born and breed here just like Stan was. The night he came one looking more like a red than black person he went to far


  2. Austeralix says:

    Whatever his true skin colour, the man is a pretentious, stuck-up, arrogant pig – and a big phoney. The way he treated the SBS newsreader Mary Kostakides 10 years or so ago first did it for me.


  3. Lyn Gray says:

    Stan didn’t seem to mind a bit of white flesh when cheated on his wife.


  4. Cameron says:

    Will his tan fade whilst in Asia- Less sun due the { political } – sorry pollution


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