Prima-Donna Bob

The relevance-deprived Bob Carr’s attempt to be relevant again by going after the redoubtable George Danby shows just how far he’s sunk since revealing in his Diary of a Foreign Minister how entirely useless he was. Instead of blowing tax-payers’ money flying first-class, gallivanting around the world, wining and dining and wallowing in luxury while hob-nobbing with the world’s elites, the egotistical Bob now spends his time sucking up to and championing the Palestinians Cult of Death (PCD) whenever he can.

This week it’s the pro-Palestinian sycophants at the ABC who this prima-donna is defending. Specifically, Sophie McKenzie’s extensive reporting of a Palestinian family being evicted from their home, while making scant mention of the stabbing murder of a Jewish family. Carr has attacked Danby’s attempt to balance the report.

Juxtaposing both these two stories – thereby implying moral equivalency – is par for the course for the ABC terrorist-toadies. Down-playing the murders in favour of highlighting the eviction, however, is proof enough of the iniquitous ABC reporters’ moral bankruptcy, for which (as I’ve tirelessly advocated in this blog) a firing-squad seems to be the best solution.

Danby’s paying out tax-payers’ money for advertising, trying to balance McKenzie’s reporting, has really got up Bob’s nose. But you can bet with his latest fad of attacking the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ (that is, anyone who exposes the Palestinian criminals for what they are), Bob won’t want to watch on YouTube the Palestinian Mosab Yousef’s recent demolition job on the Palestinian Authority’s leadership (to their utter dismay) at the UN.

Undoubtedly, Yousef’s public denunciation and exposé of the scale of the corruption and the nature of the entire leadership might just be too much for Bob’s pro-terrorist narrative. In fact, it might very well confirm to him my assertion (see previous post) that he is indeed a great horse’s arse, forcing him to perform yet another U-turn. Which would be good.

Ideally though, it would also make Bob finally realise what a cheap political whore he is now, and always was. Opportunistically swapping from one political stance to another at the drop of a hat, Carr is an ex-Labor tart, now suffering from a severe case of Relevance Deprivation Syndrome.

It seems to me, as such, that would leave him with no choice but the inevitable. To repair to a secluded room somewhere and quietly avail himself of one of those Hermes ties he refers to in his snotty little diary..
But I may be wrong.


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