HRC Dreaming

Elevator Racism
Tranny with Daughter-of-Satan?

The Human Rights Commission’s latest attack on white males with its ludicrous ‘Elevator – Racism’ advert raises a few questions.

What if it depicts a real event and the tall, gorgeous African woman acting in the commercial looks nothing like what the actual victim looked like? What if the victim is  one of the HRC’s own employees who was once treated in this fashion (shut out of a lift by a male whitey), but they wanted to conceal this fact from the public who would otherwise suspect they were right about the HRC commissars being a bunch of fanatical, self-serving, over-paid, anti-white, Muzzie-lovin’ perverts looking after their own?
Highly plausible, but unlikely.

My guess, however, is that the elevator commercial is a complete invention.
Very likely that one of the HRC cadre reported a dream he had once that he was shut out of a lift one day by a racist white male, but saved (judging by the eyes) by a rather evil-looking (though still very humpable) Daughter-of Satan lookalike. And that everyone thought that this dream – idiotic as it might sound – would make for a terrific commercial: a great way to hammer whitey yet again!
Plausible? Possibly.

But given the HRC’s track record there’s every possibility that this load of old bollocks (for that’s what it is) was actually dreamt up by some overpaid HRC idiot who spends most of his time sitting around trying to justify his exhorbitant salary by inventing new ways to hunt down and prosecute everyday white Aussies. A figment of his own stupid imagination but – wanting to throw everyone off the scent (that, yes, he was the actual idiot who came up with this bullshit) – choosing a beautifully elegant African woman with a nice pair of tits as the actor. Instead of an ugly, chubby little runt* with bad breath, say?
Very plausible.

And what if it was aTuesday, and that same dickhead who dreamt this clap-trap was (as is his want) self-identifying as a tall, dark and rather sexy Afro-tranny (before switching back to a sexy Slovakian cess-pool cleaner in drag on Wednesdays) and was torn between giving the game completely away and leaving a hint that it might just be him? Then someone suggested “Why not get her to wear a couple of those big silver earrings of yours? That should do the trick!” ?

No, this is entire post is actually a figment of my imagination, but I better stop now anyway  just in case Tim Il Sung gets wind of it.


*White-skinned runt, black-skinned runt or yellow-skinned runt, it doesn’t matter really: We’re all the same underneath.

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