Lefty Media Mirth

Austria’s New Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz

With the anti-immigrant parties storming to power in Austria on the weekend, a brief look at the leftist media’s reaction to the results promises to be entertaining. Given the scale of this monumental Lefty-crushing event, there should be no shortage of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth therein from which to raise a good laugh.

First stop, CNN.
Their first video headline ‘The Austrian elections should terrify Europeans,’ is a total joke. As is its audacity. Here we have typical manufactured tripe from CNN: planet Earth’s preeminent manufacturer of fake world news. But it’s entertaining tripe. Particularly if it makes you imagine the histrionics after reading it from some of our own immigration cry-babies: blubbering Sarah Hanson Young and David moaning-Minnie Marr, for example. The bursting into tears, the wailing, the beating and thrashing of breasts, the screaming, the moral outrage – all happy, entertaining thoughts causing me to naturally fall about in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Another delight, the thought of Dr Death Natale hearing a similar Aussie election result the moment before he disappears under an Adani bulldozer, adds to the hilarity.

I then check out the CNN video itself, and it doesn’t disappoint. Here we have CNN’s refugee-loving, sob-rag-luvvie Becky Anderson fighting back tears, barely concealing her utter devastation over the result. For this over-emotional, prone to near-hysteria Islamo-luvvin’ CNN reporter feather-brain, this Austrian election result is nothing short of a catastrophy. That a majority of Austrians would actively go against the EU-project and vote to protect their sovereingty and national identity (thereby snubbing CNN, rejecting their treacle-soaked view of Islam) beggars belief. It can only, therefore, be described, as it was with Trump, in Hitlerite terms. There can be no other explanation.

Next stop, The Guardian.
The UK editorial sinisterly describes the results as ‘An old threat in a new guise,’ leaving no doubt that they think Hitler must have caused it too. Cue more laughter.

Suddenly, the Guardian’s George Soros-funded campaign to help usher in the caliphate by demanding borders be torn down and Europe flooded with the world’s Muslim population seems at risk of failure. And if that were to happen, shock, horror, the worthless Guardian might have to take leave of its Lefty senses and go completely out of business.
Another reason for hilarity.

(Note: Why they, CNN and The Guardian don’t just f**k right off and die continues to be one of life’s enduring mysteries.)

Ridiculously over-the-top headlines is nothing new for The Guardian, of course. To give them their due, though, this one is nowhere near as hilarious as the one used last year by their spineless luvvie columnist Stephen Thrasher. In response to Trump’s Election, the headline wailed: ‘This is a terrifying moment for America. Hold your loved ones close.’

Most sensible people in the English-speaking world would have had to take a few weeks off work after reading that one. If not to nurse their multiple cracked-ribs, then to help nominate the pathetic and apparently testicle-free Thrasher for the Comedian of the Century Award.

Good news for the moment, then, in Austria.
There now seems a loose coalition of Eastern and Middle European countries opposing Soros’s plan. Most of which – it’s no coincidence – have experienced, in one way or other, the real, non-CNN-sugar-coated horror of Islamic occupation first-hand.


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  1. phoebe69 says:

    I’m so happy Austria has its collective head screwed on the right way.


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