Mugabe: Paragon of UN Virtue

Robert Mugabe

For the UN, it makes perfect sense. In their barely-concealed hatred (in common with Australia’s degenerate Left) for Western Civilisation, they have decided the killer  Robert Mugabe would make a great Goodwill Ambassador for their World Health Organisation.

That this murdering Marxist thug Mugabe should be nominated for this position speaks volumes about the bunch of cretinous UN shits who voted for him. Mugabe, they are effectively proclaiming to the world, is a role-model for his African peers to be inspired by, commending them to follow Mugabe’s example by completely f**king up their own countries – as Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe – while simultaneously maintaining their grip on power. Because, other than that great accomplishment, and a prosthetic penis he had specially made in China, Mugabe has nothing else going for him.

Mugabe was presumably appointed by WHO to advise his fellow-Africans on how to get the same disastrous results in their own countries. And that can only mean one thing: they have to pursue Mugabe’s hallmark policy of ruthlessly purging their respective countries of their entire white population.

This syphilitic (hence the need for a prosthetic penis: to support what little the pox-corrosion has left of his original) tin-pot dictator has been conducting this white pogrom pretty successfully since 1987.

The tactics the semi-dickless Mugabe employs (with a corrupt judiciary in his back-pocket) are pretty basic: send out a bunch of goons to beat-up and/or murder white farmers, seize their properties, forcing them to abandon their farms and to flee the country.  China-cock then hands the properties over to his uneducated, incompetent minions to own and run. Unsurprisingly the result is the present, totally f**ked up state of the country, a largely dysfunctional disaster-zone barely kept afloat by Chinese Afro-expansionist funding.

Given the overtly anti-Western, anti-White, Jew-hating ideology of many of the UN’s constituent members, however, this appointment rings so true. For the corrupt majority in the UN, even beforehand, Mugabe would have naturally stood out as a beacon of light, a paragon of UN virtue. Making him Goodwill Ambassador was just a mere formality.

Having so much in common with the UN’s core ideologues, then, it is there any wonder that the degenerate and morally bankrupt Australian Left hold this equally degenerate, and equally morally bankrupt organisation in such high esteem? (No there isn’t.)

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