Manus Triumph

‘Peter The Great’
Ticker-tape parade?

After the latest victory at the now closed Manus Island facility, where the 800-odd IMA (illegal Maritime Arrivals) have been finally forced to bugger off somewhere else, it’s probably a little too early for victory celebrations.  Too early to think about a highly-deserved ticker-tape, victory parade for Peter the Great (Immigration Minister Peter Dutton) and his predecessor Scott Morrison for highly-meritorious services rendered to a grateful, adoring public. And probably a little too early to elevate Tony Abbott to national hero status because it was Tony, of course, who set the ball-rolling when he put an end to the Gillard-Rudd reign of gross-incompetence in 2013.

But is it a little too early to start rounding up and putting on trial for high-treason the IMAs’ criminal aiders and abetters (a.k.a., leftist filth) who have tried to sabotage our national sovereignty and government efforts to prevent all sorts of refuse slipping in the back way? Not at all.

You know who I’m talking about.
That highly-esteemed, Human-Rights lawyer dickhead Julin Burnside (AO, Q.C., commie), for one. And the usual Green garbage: the blathering Richard Dr Death Natale, the blubbering Sarah-Hanson Young and the buggering Adam Bandt. Not to forget that blithering idiot, Nick McKim, of course. These ‘no-borders‘ Australia-wreckers should be held directly accountable (along with Rudd and Gillard) for precipitating the illegal migrant invasion in the first place, and for prolonging it for years by continually subverting efforts to roll back the tide, costing us tax-payers billions.

Sniping, spitting and snarling at our elected government like rabid dogs, these f**kers (for that is what they are) gave us the 2,000 deaths at sea, kept the people smugglers’ business thriving and conned the (alleged) refugees into circumventing our border controls, only for them to end up being incarcerated for years in a certified out-and-out shit hole, a.k.a., Manus Island, instead. These leftist perverts (for that is what they also are) then enthusiastically encouraged the Manus illegals to game the system and to hold out on the promise that Dutton would eventually capitulate.

Why should these illegals’ enablers (yes, let’s be honest: this scum), who did so much to thwart the efforts to secure the sovereignty of our borders from the elitist heights of their inner-city ivory towers – why should they not be immediately rounded up, paraded naked through the streets, publicly flogged and then shot?

The question is rhetorical, so no need to answer.
But if you really want to know the reason, clearly our effete, spineless, lily-livered, limp-wristed and – overall – generally gutless and totally ineffective, leftist, bleeding-heart PM has everything to do with it.
(In my humble opinion.)

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