Senator Mad Nick McKim

Nick McKimm

Another bleeding heart from Tasmania.
On Friday, using the old Manus Island Refugees defence pretext,  Richard Flanagan elegantly argued his case in The Australian (see my last post) for being immediately committed to an institution of some kind. A place where he can be quietly locked away somewhere with his bleeding-heart writing materials and his buckets full of bleeding-heart tears.

Yesterday it was that idiot, Nick McKim’s turn to apply to be certified. Putting up his hand for similar treatment (the signs of a lunatic were all there) the apparently also thick-as-a-brick Senator from Tassie let loose an hysterical tirade against the government, accusing it of torturing, starving and ‘dehydrating’  the Manus Island illegals.

Of course this was a complete and utterly ridiculous distortion of reality, but fully in line with the typical deranged rantings of everyday mad people. The PNG ordered the facility to be closed – you IDIOT McKim – which meant (logic dictates) that services would be cut off at some point, and only an idiot making the case for his own incarceration in a mental institution would say otherwise. But that’s lefty ideology for you ….

Incidentally, the fact that the refugees refused to leave the facility after it closed underscores their criminal nature, of course. But it would be just too insensitive of me to call these illegals criminals, even though perfectly rational people have always thought of these criminals as precisely that (criminals) just as soon as they (these criminals) tried to take us for a ride by criminally sneaking in the back way like criminals.
So I won’t.

But I digress.
Yesterday McKim felt obliged to demonstrate to all who cared to listen to his blatherings that reality didn’t match his sense of it in any shape or form, that he was obviously of an unsound mind and that he needed to be committed to join his soul mate, Flanagan in an institution of some kind, post-haste. A possible lobotomy sometime down the line would be in order and, let’s face it, a nice finishing touch. And, judging by McKim’s hissy-fit in the Senate yesterday, colouring crayons and an unlimited supply of nappies – unlike Flanagan – would be more than enough to keep him happy in the meantime.

One thing that really caught my attention, however, was McKim’s other allegation: that the Turnbull government secretly trained the PNG police’s goons how to beat up the refugees and their Green advocates. If this turns out to be just another one of McKim’s inventions, the Turnbull government’s inability to go that extra mile for its base will become blindingly obvious once again.

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