Go Israel!


Trump’s excellent and timely decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem is to be truly welcomed. For anyone with a backbone, it has always made complete sense to locate all foreign embassies in Israel’s rightful capital, rather than somewhere else as demanded by a bunch of murderous Palestinian terrorists.

Anyone with half a brain will know that archaeological evidence proves the Jews have been connected to Jerusalem for over 3,000 years. Muslims, on the other hand, fabricated their sacred claim to the city (and only relatively recently) based on the fanciful, clearly deranged story in The Koran of Mohammad jumping on a winged horse and flying off into the night to some city somewhere. A place some idiot subsequently decided must have been Jerusalem. That Jerusalem is not once mentioned in The Koran, whereas The Torah and The Bible are full of references, also speaks volumes. The Muslim whole sacred claim to it, then, is a complete crock.

But the reason Trump’s excellent decision can’t have come at a better time has to be for its promised entertainment value.  The sight of thousands of Muslim nut-jobs frothing at the mouth and going completely mental in the streets has been missing from our TV screens for far too long, and the PLA’s declaration of 3 days of rage promises to right that wrong.

After interminable, mind-numbing same-sex marriage and citizenship idiocies have been clogging up our thought processes for seemingly years, images of Muzzies going bezerk on the streets again are just what is needed: a good detox, in fact. Unfortunately, footage of cops cracking heads and beating the s**t out of anti-Milo protesters in Melbourne and elsewhere, while admittedly amusing, have been just all too brief. For the discerning and sometimes demanding viewer at least (that is, for me), lengthy scenes of Palestinians self-destructing on our screens again will be a much needed breath of fresh air.

Indeed, the promised three days (hopefully more) of Palestinians rioting, destroying their own property, being shot and generally going nuts on TV again is not just to be welcomed for its entertainment value alone. It will also present another opportunity, as if it was ever needed, to stand up and loudly applaud Israel once more. And another opportunity, for the Israelis to show us all how to face-down the demands of murderous Muslim thugs again.

And watching Muslims go crazy again (possibly world-wide) will also be an opportunity to be reminded once more that the 70 year-old problems and so-called plight of the Palestinians have all been self-inflicted. And that they only have themselves (and The Koran) to blame.

More importantly, three days of rioting, followed by another possible intifada will also remind rational people that, just like the idiotic winged-horse fable, the idea that Israel would be safe to entrust its security to these psychopaths in a future two-state solution is a total joke.

Go Israel! Go Trump!
And, where’s the popcorn?

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It's just satire, really.
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