Legislative Loophole For Fruitloops


Anne Aly
Counter Terrorist Expert

The story so far …

As the giant blood-sucking tentacles of the evil Chinese Emperor Xi Jinping reach out to encircle and tighten their strangle-hold on the much-coveted prize of Terra Australis, the search for more dirty-rotten collaborators within continues apace. The wretched spy Dastyari has been caught red-handed lining his filthy pockets while subverting the State, and will soon face the people’s wrath for his treachery. Humiliated, the smug snotty smile finally wiped from his face, Bob Carr breaks down in tears after confessing to be nothing more than Beijing’s favourite political glove-puppet. But that miserable LNP cockroach, Andrew Robb, remains unrepentant. Denying any wrong doing, he refuses to admit personally handing the Port of Darwin over to the ‘Great Chink’ on a plate while those dickheads in Canberra were fast asleep.
Now read on …


For the first time since 911, Turnbull’s new Foreign Interference legislation (FIL) has the finger of suspicion pointing away from them to another fifth-column: the Empire’s commie-luvvin’ local cheer-squad. The heat has now been taken off Aussie’s caliphate-craving Muslims. Temporarily at least. And their sense of relief these past few days is palpable.

In a long overdue initiative to protect us from foreign  interference and subversion though agents, front-groups and local collaborators the legislation will (among other things) target commie lick-spittles like the traitor Sam Dastyari, who, according to the polls, is the people’s favourite candidate to be first taken out the back somewhere and executed with a bullet in the back of the neck. Because the price was always right, we now know that Dastyari has long been an enthusiastic suck-hole and apologist for China in its evil quest to turn Australia into one of its vassal states.

But, getting back to Islam again, what of the caliphate loyalists and their ‘conniving but still denying’ crypto-Islamist supporters? Shouldn’t the legislation ensure that these crazed fruit-loops – skulking about and bashing their heads on the floor five times a day as they do – shouldn’t they be forced to face the firing squad for subverting the state as well?

My sources tell me they don’t even rate a mention in the proposed FIL (a search on ‘unhinged, sicko supporters of one unhinged, sicko ideology’ turns up empty). And of course nothing about arresting them, rightfully denying them a trial and then (ideally) subjecting them to a range of cruel and unusual tortures before their swift execution. (Let’s face it, most sensible people would agree this to be perfectly reasonable under the circumstances.)

Keen for an expert’s opinion on getting round this legal loophole, I give the famous Australian Counter Terrorism expert, Anne Aly, a call. How would Anne recommend the FIl be amended to deal with that other filth resident among us, whose definition falls outside the FIL’s terms of reference?

As an example, I tell her, there’s this particularly weasely Muzzie in WA who, while pretending to represent the interests of the good people of Cowan, openly pushed for the expansion of Section 18C to include Islam’s blasphemy laws. Not only that, she brazenly cheats, lies and dissembles about her Egyptian citizenship so that she won’t be thrown out of Parliament on her surprisingly pretty little arse. Doesn’t she, like Dastyari, equally deserve to be arrested, tortured then summarily shot for treachery as well?

Next episode:
Bob Carr effectively argues his case: “Would you rather have a mosque or a Chinese take-away on every corner? The choice is yours.”

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2 Responses to Legislative Loophole For Fruitloops

  1. J Stephen says:

    So how come the foreign agents act doesn’t cover the likes of Dastyari?…….Oh right treason and sedition were removed………and yeah, still waiting for Aly to flash her citizenship papers…..along with Wong


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