Multicultural Criminal

Daniel Andrews
Wait to November to boot him out, or string him up now?

Plan A: Try dumping a whole shit-load of garbage from some distant third-world hell-hole on suburban Melbourne and hope no-one would notice. The usual group-hugging and singing Kumbaya all the while is likely to help.

Next, try Plan B:
If the said garbage resort to their natural jungle instincts of rioting and trashing the place when they can’t get enough free white-mans’ stuff, inspire them to become instantaneously civilised in other ways. That is, make a few token arrests, and rely on the leftist-dominated judiciary to hand out minimum sentences, thereby signalling to black-Africans that they are more valuable contributors to society than the rich white racist bastards whose neighbourhoods they are trashing. Bolster this with government flunkies citing bare-faced lies (leftist statistics) denying third-world migrant crime spikes. Broadcast a fawning SBS TV apologia for Sudanese criminals implying that white vigilantes are the ones to blame.

And that should about do it.
And, what, with Tim Il Sung – a.k.a Tim Such-a-stupid-name – ever watchful that no-one (looking at his newly trashed neighbourhood) dared to suggest that the term ‘fucking black savages’ epithet would be entirely appropriate under the circumstances, everything should be just hunky-dory.

Now try Plan C.
Unfortunately for civilised Australians, Plan C, is not to take inspiration from the Chinese (à la Tiananmen) and just shoot the bastards on the streets. Nor is it to immediately deport the gangs along with their families back to the South-Sudanese shit-hole where they came from (à la my mother). Nor, unfortunately, does Plan C include – either in the shooting or in the deporting – that other Sudanese barbarian, Yassmin Barking-Mad Muzzie Maglied, should she ever dare to set foot on our golden shores again. Which I think anyone with an ounce of decency would agree is a crying shame.

No, for the multicultural criminal Daniel Andrews and his sicko, cultural Marxist side-kicks (a.k.a., the Victorian Government) their Plan C offers no such satisfaction. Instead, it involves spending great wads of tax-payers’ money deploying more riot police on Melbourne’s one time (pre-Andrews) relatively peaceful (i.e., relatively-white) streets. That is, squandering millions in a desperate attempt to cover up the immediate consequences of their criminal multicultural enterprise which, we all should know by now, is to unwhiten Australia.

But you can be assured that, whatever plan Andrews reverts to next, continuing with the pretence that he in any way gives a flying fuck about anyone who is neither black, a Muslim or a sexual pervert of some kind (much less about any of their property that’s being trashed) will be part of it.

If there ever was a convincing case for political asylum, Victorians now have it.

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1 Response to Multicultural Criminal

  1. Ivan Tipp says:

    Don’t migrate to QLD. We’ve got too many of you fk’n lefty labor trouble makers here already!


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