Ravishing-Red – Not Burqa-Black

Blanca Blanco

The smartest and the most sensibly dressed at The Golden Globes award of course was Blanca Blanco (above). Virtually the only woman to defy the hypocritical Left’s latest wave of hysteria by breaking their Taliban-inspired dress code of burqa-black, she boldly fronted the stage in gorgeous red, showing herself to be not just the hottest one in the room, but also the smartest.

My guess is that most of the remainder choosing to go along with this idiotic charade, as demanded by the feminazis pushing their post-Weinstein witch-hunt, did so out of the usual ditsiness common among Western liberals That is, the ditsy, group-think mush that compels the vacuous to virtue-signal their support for every Leftist cause going because having an alternative point of view is too much of a challenge for them. The suggestion that demanding the wearing of black to help thwart male sex assaults may not be too far removed from Islamist doctrine is beyond their comprehension. Particularly as an understanding of it would first require of them to learn how to read.

To be fair, some of the smarter ones at the Golden Globes were just quietly humouring the likes of the smug, self-important Meryl Streep et al (who continue to pretend they didn’t know about Weinstein). They went along with this dress-code absurdity, signalling their solidarity with the hypocrisy of this half-baked Liberal cause for one night only, so long as it was just burqa-black and not the burqa itself (the feminazis’ secret future ideal, I suspect), just to keep their careers on track. Caving into Leftist political pressure is now run of the mill in America, particularly in California. Biting your tongue, towing the liberal’s latest line of lunacy, for many, is the difference between having, or not having a job.

Blanca Blanco was one of the very few a the Global Globes Awards night who had the courage to make a public stand. Refusing to follow the rest of the sheep, instead dressing in ravishing red, maintaining the dignity of her independence, defiantly proud to be a woman, she showed the leftist elites up for what they are: sanctimonious, self-righteous hypocrites.

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