Probable Cause

Angela Merkel
“… so let ’em in, liebchen!”

Matteo Salvini’s declaration during an interview on an Italian TV channel that the EU should “go f*ck themselves” was fully-justified and speaks to the hearts of millions. Not that there’s anything new in the idea (i.e., that they should go f*ck themselves), or that the permission for Donald Tusk, Jean-Paul Junker etc. to do so had somehow been previously withheld and they were just waiting for the go-ahead. And not that millions of thoughtful Europeans don’t regularly take time out from their daily lives to ring up or email their local MEP to pointedly say the very same thing.

What’s different is that Salvini may well be Italy’s next leader after the March elections. Naturally, a telling remark like this couldn’t be completely ignored as usual by the mainstream media (who are of course in cahoots with the EU dictatorshp), no matter how toxic it might be.

Coming after Trump’s comments about shithole countries, Salvini’s recommendation to the EU follows in a similar vein the candour of that other great Italian, Silvio Berlusconi. It was Berlusconi, elder statesman, intellectual, bon-vivant and bunga-bunga sex party devotee who, in an incisive interview with Jeremy Paxton in 2014, declared Merkel to be an “un-f**kable lard-arse,” something which CNN and the rest of the lying MSM had managed to play-down and camouflage with their weasily camera angles for years.

This was of course before the very same un-f**kable (and entirely useless, I might add) lard-arse went on to make the decision to out-Hitler Hitler by f**king up Europe forever. What, with her open-borders policy which encouraged all kinds of shit from all kinds of  shithole countries to come over, dump their shit anywhere here “and make yourself at home.” Maybe it was Merkel’s realisation that the burqa had another merit to it – other, that is, than as a handy place to quickly hide your bombs, Kalashnikovs, rocket-launchers and private cocaine cache etc. when the cops come-a-knocking – which changed her mind.

Perhaps Mutti realised that the burqa could also be used to disguise her ugly fat arse; something which (probably) one of her Muslim Brotherhood advisors politely and tactfully pointed out to her when she was giving him the eye during one of her own infamously-raunchy private Reichstag bunga-bunga parties we all read about. Maybe that led her – in a supreme act of stupidity – to believe what her MB mates advised her: that the burqa for the lard-arses of this world was positively brill, and all this multiculturalism/Muzzie scheisse wasn’t so scheisse after all – “so let ’em all in, liebchen!”

Whether or not the burqa had any bearing on her sudden decision to torpedo Europe completely, or whether it was simply because she’s was just completely deranged, chronically afflicted by ‘mad old cow disease’ at the time, we might never know. Perhaps, someday, it’ll come out in her biography.

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