Speaking of Cockroaches

Richard “Dr Death” Natale

Another Australia Day successfully over.
Unlike others, though, not surprised at all that the traditional pub cockroach races were afforded less media coverage than the cockroaches marching in Melbourne, Brisbane etc, given their entertainment value. When we have their Queen, Dr Death itself, implying on TV that changing the celebration date will somehow solve all the indigenous health problems overnight, then there is nothing left to do but fall about laughing. Spending billions of dollars on their plight over multiple decades hasn’t solved their problems, so it must be the date of European settlement which is at fault, goes the joke. And it’s a good one.

It’s the same with that feather-brained (but admittedly well-meaning) Pat Cash, who was also part of yesterday’s entertainment. Recently emerging shocked and ‘ashamed’ at what he suddenly discovered in remote communities, Cash on Sky yesterday attempted to rationalise his belief that changing the date will miraculously make it all better. Unsurprisingly, there was no logical argument, recourse instead to emotional drivel; which was implying that poverty and rampant paedophilia in remote communities is caused by celebrating the foundation of the greatest country in the world on the day it was founded instead of on some other date. Changing the date, apparently, will immediately solve the problem and Cash won’t have to feel so ashamed any more. The Sky commentators gave him an easy ride, nevertheless, at no time stopping the interview – even momentarily – to point out what a dickhead he is. But that’s the media for you.

Dr Death’s own panacea for solving the problems of Australia’s indigenous communities goes of course much further than that of Cash. In his TV diatribe, Dr Death was at least honest enough to make clear his other demands, which are for a treaty and constitutional recognition.

But we know that it won’t stop there.
Di Natale and the rest of the rest of his Marxist filth will only truly be satisfied when they get into power and really get to work. When the tables are turned, when a ‘people of colour’ government can set about ensuring the original sin of ‘invasion’ is completely avenged, once and for all, by ensuring the descendants of its perpetrators are held accountable for their forefathers’ so-called crime of invasion, then and only then, when Whitey gets its comeuppance, only then will they be truly happy.

In the Soviet Union, China and Cambodia, class-criminals (not being working-class) were rounded up by the communists, shot, hanged, or shipped off to the gulags, never to be seen again. Given the present-day ceaseless attacks by the Left on Western Civilisation and on all things white heterosexual, will a future Australia one day wake up to something similar? Woken up to the sounds of bullets in the backs of necks, or gallows’ floors clanging open and white necks breaking as the Green commie scourge (for that is what they are) align with their indigenous ‘victims’ in government to exact their terrible revenge against the descendants of anyone to do with the glorious foundation of this great nation of ours? Is it too far-fetched to envision the same reign of terror occuring here as it did in France under Robespierre, and in Russia under Lenin and Stalin?

Or am I being too hysterical and over-the-top here again?
Would it be better, instead, if I reverted to such nonsense as inferring the Race Commissioner is secretly Gay and the like, rather than repeatedly banging on and on about Di Natale being nothing but a hatefilled, poisonous little shit deserving to be stomped upon like a cockroach – or, at the very least, strung up?

(Answers on the back of a postcard.)

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