Bankrupting BDS Babes

Justine Sachs and Nadia Abu-Shanab
BDS cuties

Good news that the Israeli legal rights group Shurat HaDin is going after a couple of New Zealander BDS feather-brains who helped convince Lorde to cancel her Tel Aviv gig, then were stupid enough to brag about it on social media. Justine Sachs and Nadia Abu-Shanab (above) are being sued under Israel’s 2011 anti-boycott legislation and we can only hope they get their just comeuppance, no matter how sweet they may look.

Bad news is if they are found guilty they’ll only face relatively small financial penalties. More fitting, and a little excessive, I agree, given how hot at least one of them looks, would have been to just take the two of them out with the nearest drone. Admittedly more over the top, but, let’s face it, far more exciting, would have been to follow Israel’s PM Golda Meir’s brilliant idea after the Munich massacre in 1972 to hire Eric Bana to hunt the terrorists down and pick them off in the streets, one by one.

Taking them out in Auckland or wherever, of course, would be far more spectacular and satisfying than Shurat HaDin trying to bankrupt Sachs and Abu-Shanab, but unfortunately such otherwise perfectly reasonable methods are no longer considered politically correct. Additionally, ex-Kiwi Russel Crowe tells me that new female PM they’ve got over there now (who I was told is unfortunately very ugly, like Helen Clark, but still somehow managed to get pregnant, so it can’t be true) would object to her citizens being shot on the streets for no other reason than that she’d then have to suffer a lot of awful foul-breathed Palestinians screaming, ranting and raving at her for the rest of her tenure, which I wouldn’t want to wish on anyone.

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