Jim Molan

A craven apology from Adam Bandt was not better than none at all. Much more preferable – at least to people from my neck of the woods – would have been seeing this excrement’s Green ass fully sued by Jim Molan, resulting in a gaol sentence, or a heavy fine at least. Though my guess is that prison would have turned out ideal for Bandt (the opportunities to accidentally drop the soap during, say, a 5 year stretch, would have been endless), but the prospect of financial bankruptcy might not have been so rosy. Hence the quick, snivelling capitulation.

Attacking dragon-slayers like Jim Molan using parliamentary immunity, however, still remains the Left’s best option. Di Natale loudly condemning Molan as an Islamophobe who DARES to post videos depicting everyday Muslims going about their everyday lives (i.e., punching women and throwing gays off roofs, etc) was enough to warm the cockles of most Muslim’s hearts.  Further, it would have helped to distract the infidels’ minds from what they really have in store for us should Di Natale and his party of Green, open-border idiots eventually get their way.

Denouncing Molan as a war-criminal for successfully crushing the Fallujah jihadist stronghold is also revealing. Let’s face it, for many on the Left, the victory must have been devastating, heartbreaking almost. And Di Natale’s seething anger at the outcome is obvious.

But his completely phony ‘war-criminal’ accusation against Moran under parliamentary privilege was more than an act of frustration, more than of anger at seeing the good guys (non-Muslim) win yet again. It also underscored Di Natale’s fear of people with any amount of backbone whatsoever being elected to political power.

What the Left and their islamist allies are afraid of is that military veterans like Jim Molan and Andrew Hastie might (unlike some of their namby-pamby parliamentary collegues) finally convince Australians that the only way to deal with militant Islam is to be absolutely ruthless with it, to take no prisoners.
That’s what really scares them.

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