Imbecile Non Grata

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

On the face of it, the news that Yassmin Abdel-Muzzie Magied being deported from the US makes a lot of sense and should be widely applauded. Something needs to be clarified, however, before we stand up and cheer widely, no matter how tempting. Namely, the grounds for her eviction.

Was YAM really thrown out because of a visa irregularity, or were there other underlying reasons that the Americans authorities won’t publicly admit to?

The first that comes to mind of course is the most self-evident. That YAM is clearly a blithering idiot and the US has just too many of its own home-grown ones to deal with these days – so why let in one more? And a visa violation would be a good way to avoid having to officially notify her of the real reason she is being rejected from entering the US (Immigration Act, Section 3, Clause IV, Subpara.2: ‘Gross stupidity’)

Then there is the possibility that she’s been recognised by the Trump administration as a complete and utter fraud: i.e., yet another Jihadist feigning mental-deficiency as an excuse for attacking and undermining civilisation and being let off scott-free. Given her past lunatic rantings and half-crazed tweets, I think this is the most convincing explanation. It would stand up to close scrutiny in any reasonable court of law (especially with someone like me presiding) with there being little doubt that a jury’s decision for YAM to bugger off back to the total shit-hole where she was born would be unanimous.
A water-tight case.

Additional circumstantial evidence could be presented, if it were needed. For instance, that shit-hole country (Sudan) where she was born is rich pickings for our own, scandalously tax-payer funded ABC’s ideological perversions. The kind of place where they conduct regular bottom-feed trawls, looking for ideal candidates like YAM to gush and slobber over and to throw money at, and to star on the Monday-night freak-show that is Q&A, along with that poisonous little closet-queen that runs it.

Mere association with the ABC would be proof enough of the danger she poses to any sane society. Perhaps someone submitted a video of one YAM’s appearances to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in advance of her US visit. A cursory glance and any law-abiding, upstanding member of the American community would have enough justification to declare YAM persona non grata, and to have her idiotic, POC (read: stupid, black) Muslim ass thrown out of the country with all speed.

The only down-side to all of this of course is that she will be immediately lauded by the equally-imbecilic Australian Left as another ‘victim of Trump’s racist America’ This might encourage he to scurry back from her London rat-hole to receive a lefty-heroine’s welcome, the very thought of which is ultra vomit-inducing. Maybe best for the Americans to let her in after all.


*POC – People of Colour. Read, black.

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2 Responses to Imbecile Non Grata

  1. Suzie Cockroach says:

    Australia should follow suit!


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