Vacancies: Team Australia

Peter Dutton
Making Australia Whi…, I mean, Right Again

An unlimited number of Team Australia vacancies have suddenly opened for successful applicants and their families who fit any of the following criteria :

– Sound, skilled and well-educated; of European heritage, with a reputation for having a strong work-ethic, dependability and a track record of high achievement.
– Made of stern stuff, salt-of-the-earth, morally upright, etc, and share Australia’s core, non-lefty-commie values and keen to integrate and knuckle down to make a positive contribution to Australia because some fuckers just stole your farm.
– Candidates ideally will be of European heritage and able to demonstrate a high-degree of proficiency in English, or at least speak it with an accent that sounds vaguely like that Gert Wilders guy.

Immediate Visa
Some bastards just raped your daughters and murdered your grandmother.

Well-regarded But Not Essential
Successful candidates will know that lager and laager are not the same thing, enjoy cricket and are willing to forgive and forget us for playing around with our balls a little in public, and really like to watch endless reruns of ‘Zulu’ too.

Come right over!
– Any white person from South Africa who the Antifa muzzie-luvvin’ commies, Richard di Natale or that very stupid Nick McKim say we shouldn’t let in.

NOTE: Candidates with PHDs in Gender Studies, Queer Theory, White Privilege or any other such perversities need not apply, no matter how white you are.

Yes, I think that just about covers it.
Applications to Peter Dutton (PM in Waiting)


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It's just satire, really.
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1 Response to Vacancies: Team Australia

  1. Suzie Cockroach says:

    Dutton nailed the ad!


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