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Ruby Hamad

It’s been a busy week for the Guardian’s anti-whitey brigade. Of course they are always at it, but this week got a little less subtle and much more venomous than we are usually accustomed to. First we had a wide-ranging, all-out assault on our identity from that deeply-disturbed, lefty-fruit-loop writer, Richard Flanagan, in his address to the National Press Club.

Apart from attacking (among other things) our involvement in WW1, Anzac Day, Tony Abbott, secure-borders, Islamophobia and the nation’s apparent simple-mindedness he apparently seemed especially miffed about 21st century Australia’s refusal to give it all up and “go Abo”. Recalling all that ridiculous, seemingly endless indigenous prancing about at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, I can’t help but think that this otherwise highly-esteemed dickhead writer has now lost his mind completely. Either that, or Flanagan’s become an early adopter of The Green’s program to have us all sitting around and doing nothing in the future but playing the didgeridoo, hugging trees and smoking pot.


Subsequently re-printed in The Guardian (no surprises there), Flanagan’s blatherings (for that is what they are) were followed with more rabid trash being splattered about in the pages of the same dirty little rag, this time by another Guardianista, the ‘non-practising muzzie’* head-case, Ruby Hamad.

Just because the women contestants kicked off the very stupid TV reality show My Kitchen Rules happened to be a couple of ethnic mates of hers, Hamad on Friday launched into another screaming onslaught on mainstream – read, ‘whitey’ – Australia as a whole. Shrill and angry, she screams that the two contestants’ behaviour conformed just too closely to the Hollywood image of Arabs: “ … heartless, brutal, uncivilized, religious fanatics … and demonstrating a love for wealth and power,” – and there just had to be some other reason to explain why they were so appalling and consequently given the boot.

Hamad’s conclusion?
In the service of degrading “… Arabs while affirming western (yes, I mean “white”) intellectual and cultural superiority,” Hamad claims that the Arab contestants must have been following whitey’s TV script. That is, that their behaviour was complete fiction. That the women weren’t just being their true, repulsive, hateful and half-demented selves at all, but in fact only acting repulsive, only acting hateful, only acting half-demented.

Let me come up with a similar fiction about ‘non-practising’ muzzie racist, Ruby Hamad. That the term ‘brainless-idiot’, or even ‘lying-Arab’ rarely crosses her non-practising mind every time she reads her own work.

And another complete fiction.
And that is (given her anti-Western bile) Hamad’s claim that she doesn’t continue to secretly bang her head on the floor, regularly, five times a day along with the rest of them.


* So she claims … 🙂

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