Lionheart Vs Shag-alot

David Leyonhjelm’s allegations that Sarah Hanson Young is just a common slut after all may be just too much to take for some. Particularly in parliamentary circles, where it would appear that dozens, if not thousands of our political class – if the accusations prove to be true –  have been fooling themselves into thinking that they were the only ones on Sarah’s f**k list.

They’d already would have had to put aside SHY’s complicity in the deaths of 1200 illegals in order to secretly get their rocks off with her. Now, the revelation (rumour?) that she’s probably been eagerly at it – behind their backs – shagging everyone else around town, would be truly humiliating, as well as totally willy-wilting.

But much worse for many, though, would be the realisation that as she hypocritically shagged each one of them, all the time actively running through her mind was the supreme idiocy that ‘all men are rapists’.

Or, not?
Perhaps SHY screams this hysteria out at her partners regularly during coitus? As part of some kinky love banter of hers –  and in parliament the other day she just forgot where the hell she was. Like, am I in Parliament today drawing an enormous salary while f***ing up the country, or am I on my back f***ing Clive Palmer again?

But perhaps this was an invention, just another one of Leyonhjelm’s weird, libertarian sex-fantasies? This one, coincidentally (one presumes) just happening to involve a hysterical, emotionally disturbed and rather loose, some say sluttish, “let-them-all-f***ing-in!”, Open-Borders (as well as your Legs) advocate. A sex-pot, dubbed by someone in the media*, ‘Shagalot’.

No doubt the truth soon will out.



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2 Responses to Lionheart Vs Shag-alot

  1. nathan dunning says:

    Free speech 🙂


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