Rally For The ABC

Kerry O’Brien
‘Crusty, old has-been’?

Off to Sunday’s rally in support of the ABC, just for a laugh and to gloat over its demise. But without the necessary crypto-commie credentials, infiltrating the enemy’s camp was never going to be easy. Agreed, simply sporting a ‘F**k Donald Trump’ T-Shirt and a stupid grin on my face would have gained me instant access (as well as a doctorate in Fascist Studies at any Aussie uni. these days, come to think of it). In the end, though I just loitered around the entrance until the opportunity to slip in undetected came when Magda Szubanski’s arrival at the doors resulted in a brief solar-eclipse.

Packed to the rafters with the usual luvvies, humourless commissars, Stalinists, etc. Victimhood and denial, as expected, was the order of the day, for – joy o joy – the only tax-payer funded member of the tyrannical troika, the one which effectively rules this country  – the others being The Guardian and the SMH) is under siege.

Appearing for the ABC’s collective defence were some of the usual collective’s detritus: that old phony, Phillip Adams, that feminist loony-tune, Eva Cox and crusty, old has-been, Kerry O’Brien. Others less contemptuous included broadcaster Robyn Williams, Hugo Weaving, Benita Collings and Julian Morrow, as well as (still resembling an old garden gnome that’s been repeatedly urinated upon by someone’s pet Borzhoi) Schindler’s List author, Tom Keneally.

O’Brien gets up to speak, droning on monotonously for quite some time in that stupid Gillard-esque nasal tone of his. Aggrieved, appalled, offended, appealing for support. Smug and entirely unfunny, lefty-pinko and out-and-out pseud, Phillip Adams, has the unmitigated gall to call upon conservatives – of all people – to help save the ABC’s neck. This, after conservatives themselves have been the continuous butt of Adam’s pseudo-intellectual ridicule for some 30 years.

Others take turns, having a whinge in their own, ideologically lefty way. Sad, pathetic and enormously funny.

Adams claims that these were “dark times” and that the ABC is under attack by the Liberal Party, NewsCorp, the IPA, fascists, little green men, cup-cakes … No mention that over 90% of the population loathe him and his ridiculous show. In the old days most educated Aussies dismissed Adams as ‘that big, commie pooftah’. These PC days,  just calling him a c*** before immediately switching him off is all they can do.

Szubanski, great comedienne that she is, vapidly called the ABC the “soul” of the nation, with many genuinely surprised to find yet another idiot in the room.

Finally, O’Brien (assuming any conservatives listening to be quite stupid too) pleads for further government scrutiny not to be driven by “political prejudice or ideology.” As though the progressive freak-show that this commie-collective has been shoving down Aussie throats at tax-payers’ expense for the past few decades is not ideological and not prejudiced.

More whinge-fests planned across Australia in the coming weeks. Can’t wait.

Given all this, a fair observer of the proceedings could only conclude one thing, and one thing only. And that is, if Michelle Guthrie, ABC head-honcho, had an ounce of integrity she would (metaphorically speaking) do the decent thing and discreetly withdraw to the back room somewhere, draw the curtains, then take out a revolver and quietly blow the ABC’s collective brains out. Sensible people know that that is the least she can do for the country.

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