Shag-alot, or Lying-hjelm?

Now in the hands of the lawyers, time will soon tell whether David Leyonhjelm’s insinuations about Sarah Hanson Young – being both promiscuous with men (yes, a slut) and simultaneously a hater of them (yes, a misandrist) – have any basis in fact.

Having since considered the matter carefully, however, Leyonhjelm’s allegations seem to me now to be totally absurd, a complete contradiction in terms. Because, taken together with her parliamentary remarks, as I understand it,  SHY/Shagalot (you be the judge) is suffering from some kind of sexual, cognitive dissonance whereby she is more than happy to be screwed by those who she hates and believes to be consummate rapists (all men). So, I don’t buy it for one moment.

Unless, of course, her (alleged) extra-curricular activities serve some sort of ulterior motive. For example, one that is carefully contrived – and I’m speculating here – to couple her sound, Green credentials with a warm-hearted, forgiving and generous, open-legs policy towards men – regardless of their alleged crimes – in order  to make her more popular with male voters.

The problem is, for the 90% remaining sensible part of the population, that would make her out to be a shameless slut. A shameless slut, prone to mouthing hysterical gibberish at taxpayers’ expense every time she stands up in Parliament. But my lawyers tell me to say that I don’t buy that one either.

I’ll leave it up to the courts to decide, but my guess is that Leyonhjelm’s going to be suddenly short of a few quid sometime soon ….
Or, WILL he …?

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It's just satire, really.
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2 Responses to Shag-alot, or Lying-hjelm?

  1. Jamie Clark says:

    David was just returning her serve, and Sarah is clearly malingering, hoping for a win because shes a woman.

    whether or not david was trying to get a rise out of her is beside the point, shes got a history of being a misandrist, and you can just feel it in her vibe much like women can feel it in a mans vibe.

    she can deny until the cows come hand, shes clearly been bagged and tagged, what happens next will show Australia whether the courts are balanced towards both sexes or biased towards women.

    whats even more disgusting is she was part of the group that voted against strengthening our self defence rights on that day, which would have saved innocent lives.

    its really disappointing that they are distracting us with this claptrap…I hope Australians don’t fall for it.


    • Austeralix says:

      Thanks for your comments about all of the above and the reminder about her vile opposition to our self-defence efforts – with all of which I can’t help but totally concur.
      I have to say it’s quite a while since I’ve got any intelligible, let alone intelligent, let alone incisive commentary on any of my silly posts. Come to think of it: this must be the first. So, on all three counts, !CONGRATULATIONS!. And thanks again.


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