Migrant Maths Awards

Caucher Birkar

Screaming headlines on The Guardian’s UK edition today: “Former refugee among winners” of prestigious maths prize.

After years of pushing for the transformation of Europe into an Afro-Middle-Eastern shit-hole, The Guardian’s got a success story they can point to: a Kurd refugee who apparently really knows his times-tables. Until now, the Left has lied and dissembled about refugees, pointing to the likes of Freddie Mercury – of all people –  to justify completely stuffing up our once great civilisation. That Freddie Mercury (famous for being the lead Queen queer) was not a refugee, but emigrated to the UK from Zanzibar over 50 years ago, is overlooked.

Now the Left have finally got a more credible refugee to gush, virtue-signal and fawn over. It is Caucher Birkat from Cambridge University who is one of the four winners of the Fields Prize (roughly equivalent to a Nobel Prize) announced today.

But note and savour the utter hypocrisy with which The Guardian can, on the one hand, praise one single ‘refugee’ for exceptional achievements in maths, but on the other, ruthlessly censor mention of the exceptional achievements of the countless numbers of other ‘refugees’. Exceptional achievements, such as defrauding and sucking the life out of social-security, molesting women, raping children, defecating in swimming pools and killing a lot of people in one fell swoop.

However, before anyone for one moment thinks this as a watershed moment, where Westerners will suddenly be won over by millions of refugees and migrants barely literate in their own language because one of them just happens to know how to add up, they should think again.

Birkat is exceptional, and his true circumstances nail the lie in today’s Guardian: the smug, implied assertion that their efforts in aiding and abetting the destruction of The West have been fully vindicated with Birkat’s prize.

Firstly, Birkat, an Iranian Kurd, migrated to the UK from Tehran in 2000. That was 15 years before that mad-as-bat-shit Merkel announced (to you know who), “After 1400 years of ruining the Middle East, why don’t you come on over and ruin Europe too?”

Secondly, there is the question of merit.
Given their famous victories against ISIS and their long struggles against Ankara and Tehran, Kurds are clearly good people to have on Western Civilisation’s side, and should always be given every consideration. That is of course, as opposed to the you know whos from neighbouring shit-holes, who we all know (in our heart of hearts) should always be shot or told to immediately fuck off back to where they came from.

So Birkat was vetted and found in advance to likely  be good migrant material. And they were right. These days, scratch the surface of one of The Guardian’s favourite, and unvetted, contenders for migration and out will pop a multi-tasker. That is, a jihadist, mysoginist, child-rapist, liar, dole bludger – all-in-one.

The Guardian notes, too, that Aussie Akshay Venkatesh was also among the Fields prize-winners. Apparently of Indian Hindu descent and growing up in Perth, Akshay is to be also fully congratulated. Not just in a patriotic, Aussie kind of way, or  in a suck-holing, Guardian, slavish kind of luvvie way, but also in a way (imho) which directy recognises his own ancestors’ scientific achievements. Advancements in their civilisation despite having an adversary (you know what) embedded in their midst since independence from the British in 1947. A sizeable quantity of you know whos, not quite so easy to be rid of, as the final clause of my paragraph (the second above) would suggest.

In the end, we have every reason to join The Guardian in congratulating both Venkatesh and Birkat for their achievements, albeit not with the same teary-eyed, luvvie unctuousness.

Additionally, we should give The Guardian credit for its tenacity in holding out for impossible dreams. In particular, to the dream of a you know who refugee Nobel prize-winner that they can kiss-arse and crow about for a long time, before that whining, whingeing wank of a rag of theirs goes the way of those other leftist carbuncles on the rump of Western civilisation (The Age and the SMH). And that is, down the tube.

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