You Can Shove Your Globalist Migrant Compact

Peter ‘Stuff ’em’ Dutton

Breaking news yesterday that Australia will be withdrawing from the UN’s appalling Global Migrant Compact after all is cause for major celebration.

For a moment there, many of us had the sneaking suspicion that our government was about to give into the cultural Marxists demands and hand Australia’s sovereignty over to them on a plate, but it looks like we needn’t have worried. In the face of enormous globalist pressure, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is not having a bar of it. That is, despite being diplomatically involved in the drafting of the Compact from the very beginning, politely trying to get them to see reason, Australia has now politely and diplomatically told the UN to go get stuffed.

The US and Hungary were the first to do so over this proposed act of sovereign treachery some time back. In short, the Compact marxist idiocy mandates that Australia should make no distinction between illegal and legal refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and economic migrants, and that we should not use incarceration (in Manus, etc) as a deterrent.

If that isn’t bad enough, Australia would have to be cleansed of any negative perceptions about migrants (including, presumably, Muslims who bludge off our dole while secretly plotting to kill us) through a UN-guided program of mass-media brainwashing of the entire Australian populace. And, to make it all work effectively,  recalcitrant judiciary, journalists and politicians who disagree with the globalist diktat would have to be despatched to UN-designated overseas camps for re-education.

Australia’s negotiators continued to hang around long enough to confirm what Hungry and the US had already discovered – ‘that all this shit is for real’ – before Dutton finally pulled the plug yesterday.

Following fast on the heels of this excellent news, no doubt, we can look forward to the entertaining spectacle of yet another Greens melt-down: Nick McKim lapsing into a frenzied froth again, calling everyone associated with it ‘disgusting’, and SHY – or Shagalot (court-decision still pending) – sobbing and blubbering and blathering incoherently a lot, and Adam Bandt wetting and positively getting his pink knickers in a knot again.

The Left in general will cry ‘national disgrace’ and ‘racist’ and rant about the obscenity of Australia being associated with Trump and Orban, and, oh, the humiliation of it all.  All this, of course, once again confirming Dutton’s excellent PM credentials.

And, surely, the rejection of this globalist, open-borders Compact (which Labor cannot possibly support with any credibility) will be a perfect vote winner at the next election? Shorten must really be squirming.

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9 Responses to You Can Shove Your Globalist Migrant Compact

  1. Mario says:

    Well done Peter Dutton about time we had someone who can see through the bubble welcome back Australia and the greens go take a flying jump


  2. John Brandwood says:

    I won’t believe this until I see it on the news


  3. Matt finch says:

    Awesome and measured response and Dutton


  4. Jan purcell says:

    Please push on mr dutton.australian people are so very much behind YOU not ms bishop and mr turnbull


  5. Pat watson says:

    Now to get rid of Turnbull and Bishop who by the way I don’t trust to still sign.


  6. Rod Morrison says:

    Good news if it’s not fake ! Imagine Dutton challenging the party line! Bishop and Turncoat must be angry little traitors and crying with the Greens.
    I hope Dutton or another true conservative manages to eject these two globalists turncoats from our leadership roles and relegates them to head door openers at the local public toilets.


  7. Jenny says:

    Well done Peter, yo would make a great PM


  8. Ian Daly says:

    Should be a lot more sensible decisions like this one.


  9. Peter Watson says:

    Peter Dutton for Prime Minister, get rid of Turnbull


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