Is The End Totally Nigh?

Totally nigh?

Late last night the end for Turnbull seemed pretty nigh.
11.00am today: Cormann, Fifeld and Cash have resigned, so the end is even more nigh. But how nigh?

The Left’s attack dogs snap and snarl and strain at the leash.

Gestapu-Up! are on stand-by, ready to crucify a “inhumane” Dutton (potential) PM for halting the influx of even more of their Muslim mates through the back door.

In the Guardian, the useless Rudd attacks Dutton’s right to be PM for snubbing his phony, crocodile-tear-shedding farce to the alleged stolen generation in 2008. Andrew Marlton runs another stupid and totally unfunny First Dog On The Moon cartoon. And Lenore Taylor, Guardian editor, questions the relevance of the Libs now with a shrinking voter base. But who really gives a toss about what the editor of that sinking Leftist ship questions?

The neurotic Niki Savva in The Australian (of all places) continues her life-long psychotic obsession with Abbott, blaming him, out of revenge, for white-anting and waging a relentless, vindictive vendetta against Turnbull for knifing him in the back. Unfortunately Savva just can’t get it through her stupid lefty head that it was, under the circumstances, a perfectly decent, indeed glorious thing to do.

Meantime, the sun is shining,  the birds are singing and the angels in heaven are warming applauding,  smiling down on us, one and all. The possibility of a new, bright dawn awaits.

But for my part, only when the revelry starts, the church-bells start pealing and crowds rush to Canberra to watch as the treacherous old lefty leader’s severed head is brought out on a platter. Only then we will know that the end for Turnbull is totally nigh.


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