Slow-Motion Train-Wreck

Lenore Taylor

Turnbull treasonous scorched-earth policy suggests that, contrary to what my blog supposed yesterday, the end might be not that nigh after all. What an absolute bummer. Shitville, even.

Having thrown one giant spanner in the works, in a shameless attempt to spike Dutton’s rise to PM – and virtually turning the party into one giant train-wreck in the process so as to ensure a Shorten victory – it’s difficult to add much more to what has already been said about Turnbull. Other than calling him a great big c**t (which I was saddened to see so many able people in the media fail in their duty to do), the English language has been pretty well exhausted on the matter.

Meantime, waiting to see if a spill actually occurs at midday today, the time has been spent in the most productive way possible: trolling the enemy. And it’s of course within the pages of Public Enemy No. 1 (The Guardian) where the most mileage is to be made.

The hysteria over the prospect of Dutton becoming PM dominates, with the article commentaries riddle by virtue-signalling SJW cry-babies having palpitations, grieving over boats being turned back,  self-immolating refugees and children stuck in Manus – and this man is ‘an absolute monster.’

And it’s kinda fun to sit back and laugh at them, occasionally adding replies like “Terrific, hey?” and “Isn’t it much better than having them, say, self-detonating in Pitt Street?”, or “But Peter Dutton’s brilliant, wouldn’t you agree you little wanker?”, or “It’s the likes of feather-brains like you who put them in there in the first place, feather-brain,” (which is a tautology, I know.)

By early morning I get tired of all of this and ring up editor Lenore Taylor again and scream, “Your writers are all total idiots and your rag’s a national disgrace – and when the f**k are you going to close down?” With the added clarification: “And, seeing I’m here, no, I’m not going to f***ing donate.”

But all I get is her voicemail saying “Unfortunately I am presently busy presiding over a total national disgrace of a rag, but if you are a total idiot writer wishing to contribute more total idiocy, we’re totally up to our necks in this kind of shit already. But seeing you’re here … (etc.) ”

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