Ta-Ta, Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

The Leftist media’s first reaction was to express their utter disbelief, followed by shock-horror then the predictable mental break-dowm. How could this be? Malcolm Turnbull –  ‘Our man in Canberra’, our mole, our annointed one – has been given the flick and some fascist, News Limited-backed jerk who worships God and coal (in that order) has taken his place.

What next?
After the outrage, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the hysteria and the standard temper-tantrums the Leftist media always throw when it doesn’t get what it demands, we can expect a long period of mourning accompanied by manic depression. At least I hope so. Whether it will finally all come to an end with them – virtue-signalling to the last – all throwing themselves off the nearest cliff in total despair is difficult to predict, so all I can do is recommend that it should at least be considered. (Notes to Michelle Guthrie, Lenore Taylor etc. have been sent accordingly).

Meantime, speculation to just how much of a lefty Turnbull was could be quickly gauged on the day of his ousting. Standing there before the microphones, in his cocky, patrician arrogance, apparently oblivious to the size-43 Conservative boot stuck up his arse, he fielded questions only from his adulating Lefty groupies, and them alone.

There was the steely, Stalinist-like Laura Tingle and then the not-unexpectedly drab Guardianista ‘murpharoo’ (Katherine Murphy’s Twitter handle). Murpharoo, Murpharoo and then Murpharoo again. But no questions allowed from right of centre.

If this wasn’t overt political favouritism, it could only be because a good bout of fellatio from some fawning, Lefty feminist interviewer was a likely outcome. At least, if his infamously gushing, eye-lid-flickering interview with Leigh Sales after ousting Abbott in 2015 was anything to go by. But given what was on offer on Friday, my guess is that politics was the governing factor. Or am I being too unkind to Tingle and Murphy here? (Probably)

Crucially, though, during his news conference, imagining (I gather) that it was just another narcissistic, self-admiration session in front of a mirror, Turnbull let slip the real nature of his tenure: ‘Progressive Liberalism’. If anyone had any doubt what was uppermost in Turnbull’s mind for the past 3 years (other than the abundant availability of admiring, positively gagging-for-it lefty journos like Sales), they need doubt no more.

Then followed the snivelling Shorten’s long, grovelling, rump-smoochin’ tribute to Turnbull. Really belling the cat, if it ever needed belling. Why else would this head Labor Party tosser publicly praise a fellow politico in such fawning, Lefty-feminist-like terms (hint, hint) if his political cause was not one and the same? The only other alternative explanation is just too disgusting to think about.

Ta-ta, Turnbull.


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