Diary August 7, 2019

Image result for jane caroJane Caro

BREAKFAST on the terrace in Coogee. Sun shining, surf pounding – beautiful morning, but Jane Caro’s recent tweet* weighs heavily on my mind. In it, as first revealed to her grandson and then via Twitter to an astonished world, is the answer to the mysterious disappearance of the dinosaurs from the earth. Caro’s theory: “… they all voted for Trump, Morrison and Johnson, and that was the end of them.”
My first thoughts were as follows.
1: What an Idiot. And then,
2: This is Nobel Prize material!

Afterall, if they can award the Nobel Prize to Obama for just being particularly black, surely, on the basis of this tweet alone, they can award it to someone for being particularly stupid?

A quick glance at Caro’s Wikipedia bio for supporting evidence. With entries like ‘feminist’, ‘social commentator’, ’emotionally-disturbed’, editor of Destroying the Joint: Why women have to change the world – there’s a shit-load of other idiocy right there. Just a few modifications to her dress-sense, I suggest, could help enhance her image. Appearing (say) from time to time, in public with a red bandana tied around her thick skull, and the prize would be a shoe-in.

* https://twitter.com/JaneCaro/status/1153837385748103168


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