Diary August 9, 2019

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Clive Palmer

BOOK LAUNCH IN SYDNEY, first day’s sales are brisk. I attribute this to Clive’s catchy title, ‘She Was Not too SHY about Regularly Rootin’: Tales From the Senate Floor.’ That, plus the disclaimer:

“This it is a complete work of fiction and has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with Mr Palmer’s long-rumoured, after-dark ‘soirĂ©es’ with a certain ‘very fruity’ [Clive’s words] Greeny, which would be a complete and utter fabrication unless David Leyonhjelm wins his defamation case against her. (That is: Until then, we deny it completely.)

Litigation aside, we’re on course to make a mint. People question the wisdom of ghost writing for someone of such questionable character and I can only refer them to my last sentence.



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