Diary August 10, 2019

Image result for kristina keneallyKristina Keneally
Labor Minister for Open Borders

IN A BAR at The Rocks last night when, out of nowhere, a wild-eyed Kristina Keneally suddenly rushes up to me and whispers furiously in my ear: Adolph Hitler, Martin Bormann and the entire Waffen SS have been invited to  CPAC*. She looks swiftly over her shoulder, then nods and winks knowingly at me, before rushing off again chased by two big men in white coats.

Yet another one of Labor’s pitiful shadow cabinet in the ‘Special-Needs’ category. I thought (the other day in Parliament) that she had just been blind drunk again – but I now  stand corrected.


* Conservative Political Action Conference

About Austeralix

It's just satire, really.
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2 Responses to Diary August 10, 2019

  1. Nice bait, but where’s the hook? (Story too short, needs supporting details.)


    • Austeralix says:

      (Whoops – just noticed this comment. I’ve been away.)
      In most cases it’s difficult to be be brief, while too easy to go on and on too much.But in this case,you’re probably right.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, by the way.


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