August 15, 2019

Beijing Bob

WATCHING THE FOOTAGE on TV as China’s PLA converges on Hong Kong, lining up for the kill, my thoughts  go out to the strangely silent Bob Carr. The amount of fawning, sickening praise he’s heaped upon Beijing over the years must be now causing him to squirm about somewhat, I would have thought. Especially after Hasting’s damning report about the true nature of China’s intentions and the dilemma Australia suddenly finds itself in.

Is this arch Sino-sycophant’s noticeable silence due to a sudden regret about having his nose permanently stuck up President Xi’s arse for so long? A tinge of guilt for continuously grovelling at the feet of the Beijing dictatorship just in order to be lavishly feted everywhere he went?

Or is Bob more worried about the new EU food label demands and how they might affect his image of cultivated intellectual and bon-viveur – and f**k everything else?

Does he not give a flying toss about the likelihood of Australia being turned into a Chinese vassal state in the very near future? Or is Bob prepared to sell us out, just as he did Israel in 2017 when he suddenly decided to switch his allegiances to a bunch of Palestinian terrorists?

Come on Bob, speak up.

About Austeralix

It's just satire, really.
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