August 16, 2019

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POOR JACINDA. Why anyone gives this hideous woman any exposure, let alone pay any attention to the rubbish that comes out of her mouth is anybody’s guess. Perhaps it’s the sympathy people have for her absurd belief that she should be taken seriously.

Dr. Nitshke once pointed to her readiness to virtue-signal at every opportunity as evidencing some sort of hysteria, and recommended… (some thing or another.) Things like giving birth in high office, then bandying the very noticeably ugly baby about in front of the world’s press; grovelling to political Islam by donning a silly hijab and affecting remorse; dumping the nation’s criminals on Australia, only to have them shipped right back again; talking absolute shit.

All these things are the acts of a hysterical female PM desperately seeking relevance, which she so spectacularly lacks.

Tuvalu’s PM, Enele Sopoaga, once told me that such ‘touched’ women are called Bu-tu-bu-lu (Roughly, ‘idiot woman’) in the local Tuvaluan tongue and they used to be humanely bashed over the head and thrown into the nearest volcano.
Or else, eaten.

With the coming of Christianity all that has long been forgotten, he said. Nowadays, such women are left to babble away incoherently at totally useless forums foisted on Tuvaluans by the white man, while the rest of the women slip away with the men to nearby forests where they can fornicate incessantly without being disturbed.

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1 Response to August 16, 2019

  1. Glen Wei Fu Li says:

    an unelected pleb that acts like she owns the place.


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