August 23, 2019

The Antichrist cast-down

THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS commemorating the expulsion of the great Antichrist from the reins of power and the glorious accession of Scott Morrison to the highest office are already reaching fever pitch. Across the nation, as the momentous day approaches, the bunting is out, bands are playing and neighbourhood street parties are in full swing. At the appointed hour, church bells will be rung nation-wide as a grateful Australia stops to pause, and to remember, just how close they came to being led down the road to a socialist hell.

To cement this extraordinary moment in the annals of history, I’ve messaged ScoMo requesting the 24th August be declared a national holiday. In the interests of the nation, I anticipate a positive response.

Still, the howling, weeping and the gnashing of Leftist teeth continues unabated. Which serves as a reminder to resend to the PM my (post-election) list of Turnbull’s co-conspirators yet to be hunted down, rounded up and shot. That it includes the entirety of the Labor Party’s front bench, a few worthless Greenies, an idiot in a red bandana and the entire readership of The Guardian, still seems to faze him, somewhat.



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1 Response to August 23, 2019

  1. CLEARING IT APPEARS OTHER PEDOPHILES OR THOSE HELPING TO COVERUP THE CRIMES APPEAR TO BE GETTING THEIR WISHES BY KEEPING THE OUT OF THE COURTS AND THE MEDIA… WHY???? Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 because of fraud and theft In “Australian Federal.There is a tonne of evidence to charge Brian Houston with concealing a serious indictable offence yet he hasn’t been charged. Why? It makes you wonder if much will happen with the police investigation given the Prime Minister gave Brian Houston the green light on Tuesday at the Hillsong conference.
    Make no mistake, Prime Minister Scott Morrison knew Brian Houston is still under investigation by the police and Morrison knew it was highly inappropriate for him to be at the Hillsong Church on Tuesday night (9/7/19) helping promote it. But Morrison knows that he gets a lot of votes from the Hillsong Church and his local church which is linked to Hillsong so in a situation like this Morrison believes that votes count more than doing what is ethical and moral. I’ll keep on following up on this story.SHANE DOWLING KANGAROO COURT.


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