August 25, 2019

Image result for benjamin lawBenjamin Law

ALLOWING OUR UNIVERSITIES TO BE OVERRUN by Chinese hordes is a good thing, according to Minister for Education, Dan Tehan, but I’m not convinced.

The least concerning is that the majority of them readily confess on camera to being members of China’s secret police. What troubles me more is that many bear more than a passing resemblance to Benjamin Law, the repulsive, hate-rape advocate and the ABC’s preferred source of depraved content for its depraved children’s programs.

As ASIO has recently revealed that the ABC is using our university campuses as recruiting grounds for its perverse agenda to indoctrinate our children, it’s time for action.
However, I’m not sure what to do.

I can only remember how MI5 dealt with the problem of Russian spies running riot on Oxbridge campuses in the 1960s. According to Margaret Thatcher’s memoirs, MI5’s solution was to “round up all those queer-people, strap electrodes to their goolies, and the confessions come thick and fast.”

I don’t know how ASIO interrogating Benjamin Law in this way will help disrupt ABC’s sources of perversity, particularly as he was born in Nambour. But I really think it would be worth the effort. For entertainment value. at least.



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