Image result for sarah hanson-youngSarah Hanson-Young (blubbering again)

25th November

TREMENDOUS NEWS TODAY for Sarah Hanson-Young. The courts have ruled that she’s not a shameless slut after all, or just a cheap tart, and that David Leyonhjelm owes her $120,000 in damages. Also good news for me. The decision fully vindicates my cautionary use of the term ‘Shagalot’ when referring to SHY in my blogs (all of them), just in case the courts declared Leyonhjelm’s insinuation unjustified.

Interestingly, in his recent diary Bob Brown relates how under this new extinction-rebellion regime, once Greens members are officially notified that they are all soon going to die, they immediately start wailing and screeching hysterically before falling upon each other and shagging themselves senseless. Worryingly, this has now become common practice once their meetings are declared open, “because it feels so good” says Bob.

According to Bob, The Greens’ core leadership, including SHY, try to refrain from such behaviour.  Most of them having taken a vow of celibacy and quiet devotion to the Earth Mother, Gaia, in the devout hope that she spares them from being ruthlessly exterminated along with the rest of us in the great, fiery holocaust that’s soon to come.

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